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Toro! Toro!

Let me take all of you back… to blue waters, tanning all day, delicious authentic cuisines, stunning views from villas, wine tastings, and of course many a fantastic romp in the bedroom. Yes, my beloved followers we are going back to Greece. Back to vacation, to my happy place. Oh how I wish I could be there now. But sigh, I can only go back to my memories.

Those tantalizing memories with my Traveler…

Let me give you a little reminder about my Traveler. Oh just the thought of him can get a girl thru a long day. He’s just way to much fun to reminisce about. That scrumptious man is 5’11, grey eyes, muscular build, covered in tats, and a contractor for the military. I told all of you one story about him. Here’s the one I didn’t mention…

Refer to Can’t Touch This to refresh your memory on the tourists we picked up and befriended. Santorini is known for dance clubs and parties. So we took our new found friends to a club. The bartenders seem to know what you want before you order it. There are good looking men with fabulous accents surrounding you. Yep, it’s a good night.

We were dancing with our Norwegian and Russian friends. The girls and I were on the floor, dancing and having a good time. The guys were at the bar. As the night dwindled the couples asked us back to their villa for an after party. They had a gorgeous ocean view and they had a fully stocked bar. Plus they had an extra room so if Traveler and I were too tipsy we could spend the night.

Traveler and I are sitting in a chair together at our new friends villa. Well I’m using him more like a chair because I’m in his lap. He’s caressing my back side gently. He was a little moody after we arrived. I can’t quite put my finger on it but he was just a little bit off. The couples didn’t pick up on it. It was just me who felt the vibe.

I turn and ask him, “Are you okay? You’re acting a little weird.” He replies, “Should I be weird? I’m fine.” Okay, we all know what fine means. So I start to think did I do something? In my tipsy state I could have and forgotten. I didn’t loose my shoes like the previous evening. No articles of clothes were taken off at the bar. So I feel like I’ve been doing pretty well. If anything I deserve a pat on the back.

The Russian girl pops over gives us our drinks. Traveler is still being moody. She asks us, “How adventurous do we want to get tonight?”

Inner Monologue Moment: Okay, that’s a LOADED question. I’m up for frivolity when the moment is right. But right now my hunky man is being moody. So think before I speak.

I tell her it’s up to Traveler. I basically drop the decision squarely in his lap. He asks, “What do you have in mind?” Again a broad question, no one is getting down to the nitty gritty here.

The bouncy Russian pixie lays out the options:

1) Couple on couple action, only what we were comfortable with

2) Russian pixie could give Traveler a blow job while I watch, or I could interact in some way if I wanted to

3) Wild Card (it means exactly what you think, nothing is off limits)

Traveler and I have never discussed sharing. I don’t need him to know this early on that I enjoy a little kink here and there. So I’m leaving that be. I didn’t feel comfortable sleeping with a stranger. I really didn’t want Traveler to sleep with a stranger. I was feeling a little possessive of him.

We take option number two. The pixie is thrilled! I’ve never seen someone so happy to suck a dick before. She almost pushed me out the way to deep throat his dick. She dived in and did not surface for air. I honestly was mesmerized. I wanted to know how she was doing it. I mean even pixie’s have to breath.

It’s started to make me hot and bothered. Pixie’s other half is across the room on the sofa, petting himself. It seems like everyone is into the moment. Then I look at Traveler.

His facial expression is, “crickets”.

I mean that Russian pixie is sucking him like this is the sweetest lollipop on earth and he looks like he couldn’t give a shit.

I poke him. I give him the eyebrow/what the fuck look.

Inner Monologue Moment: What else could he want? A hot Russian woman is sucking him off! I mean come on. Literally! I’m being VERY generous here and he doesn’t even have the decency to enjoy my generosity. What the hell? I know he’s excited. I can tell. Maybe it’s the military? Do they train them for this?

I stand behind her with her head between my legs. Without warning I decide to gag her. I remember he said he enjoyed it. Pixie is taking it like a champ. She gives herself a little downstairs hand action. I lean over her to kiss Traveler. I’m thinking maybe he just needs a little me action to get him to the finale.

The look on his face, there was nothing there, no passion, no nothing. I refer back to “crickets”. We are in ten minutes and still going. She leans back. She is perplexed. Pixie has given it her all. She gets up and goes over to her guy on the sofa, for a little cowgirl action. I look back, give him the what the fuck look. He is still hard.

Inner Monologue Moment: Let go! He needs to watch Frozen. Queen Elsa sung it best, “let it go! let it go!”

He gets up and says we need to go to the bathroom. We go into the bathroom, he locks the door, and starts pacing like a caged animal. Traveler isn’t speaking. I’m not omniscient. I need WORDS! I decide to go ahead and pee while he finds his words.

He turns and says, “So you have nothing to say?” I’m confused. I have no idea what he wants. Or what he wants me to say. I tell him I NEED words, please use them. Traveler stares at me again. Then he says, “So where did you lose your panties? Because you had them when we left our villa. But now they are gone.”

Are you fucking kidding me right now?That’s what his bitchy mood is all about? Ugh….

Traveler is being a caveman. He wants to know if I’ve fucked anyone when I was out of his sight. The only time I was out of his sight was when we were on the dance floor and in the bathroom. I explain that I have them with me. He then asks why I’m not wearing them.

My outfit was a skin tight dress that shows every curve, line, and bump. I noticed in the restroom that the side of my lace thong had a hole in it and was tearing. Now I could either cross my fingers and HOPE that I didn’t loose them on the dance floor, tie them in a knot but then you’d see it thru the dress, or take them off and feel a little draft.

He starts huffing and puffing. He reminded me of a bull. I didn’t know if I needed to move out of the way or grab something red to provoke him so he’d speak. He then proceeds to pick me up and fuck me up against the marble counter-top. I’m pretty sure I had counter-top bruises and banged my head against the mirror.

The is the second time I’ve been fucked in a bathroom in Europe. Is this a thing in Europe? Bathroom fucking? I mean I’m not against it, but I feel like that should be added to dating profiles. Likes: moonlight walks, wine, hamburgers, pizza, bathroom fucking.

Saying: Just chunk it in the fuck it bucket and move on 


13 thoughts on “Toro! Toro!

  1. Suddenly I have a crush on you… you’d let your man get a blowjob and help her out? Where are all the you’s out there? lol
    Fantastic story, as always. You do know how to have fun.

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