Adventures of Bunny

Toro! Toro!

Let me take all of you back... to blue waters, tanning all day, delicious authentic cuisines, stunning views from villas, wine tastings, and of course many a fantastic romp in the bedroom. Yes, my beloved followers we are going back to Greece. Back to vacation, to my happy place. Oh how I wish I could… Continue reading Toro! Toro!

Adventures of Bunny

Can’t Touch This

This adventure took place in Santorini. The beautiful Greek volcanic isle known for dramatic views, stunning sunsets, and white washed buildings with blue accents. So I need to give my father kudos. He got us a gorgeous villa to stay in on the island. I was truly entranced by the view from our terrace. I… Continue reading Can’t Touch This

Adventures of Bunny

Hidden Wonders

As many of you know due to my instagram and twitter I've been galavanting in Greece for the past month. It was a fabulous and much needed vacation. All of my beloved readers know I tend to get into a bit of trouble wherever I roam... Well Greece was no exception. Technically the holiday was… Continue reading Hidden Wonders

Adventures of Bunny

Assume the Position 

It's summer! Time for the beach, swimming pools, lakes, or whichever body of water is to your liking. Due to all of the water activities swimwear is a necessity. The guys have it so easy. They just pull on a pair of trunks and go. Ugh! We ladies have many options: one piece, two piece,… Continue reading Assume the Position 


Olympus has risen 

Yiasou y'all! Yiasou is Greek for hi, the y'all all of you are aware of. A Greek greeting is appropriate for this post.  I was in Greece when this escapade took place. So, there's a new greeting for all of y'all to use! Just like how I want to bring back the word "bang." I… Continue reading Olympus has risen