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Hidden Wonders

As many of you know due to my instagram and twitter I’ve been galavanting in Greece for the past month. It was a fabulous and much needed vacation. All of my beloved readers know I tend to get into a bit of trouble wherever I roam…

Well Greece was no exception.

Technically the holiday was a father/daughter trip, for bonding. But what person can spend twenty four hours a day with your father while on vacation? I love my father. But a girl needs a break every once and a while.

I was tanning on the beach. I decided to take a break from my reading. I thought I wonder if my dating apps will work over here… So, I opened up POF. I decided it couldn’t hurt to check. As I opened and checked for men in my immediate vicinity a shit load popped up! And not locals, people who were on holiday like me.

Hello international dating scene! Bunny is here!

Ready to hop!

This gentleman is a 35 years old, tall, olive complexion, lawyer, dark hair, green eyes, ripped abs, and not hurting for funds. Jackpot! I won’t need to worry about paying for carats…

I sent him a message, saying that I was visiting. Does he have any suggestions for what I should visit or eat? He messaged back immediately offering to be my tour guide. What a gentleman!

I traveled to many cities and villages during my stay. So I only got to spend time with him at the beginning and end of my vacay. He was a complete gentleman. So apparently if you travel abroad that’s where they’ve all been hiding.

When your father asks you, “Who’s this?” You reply with, he’s a friend of a friend who I ran into in Greece. We’ve been talking via social media for years.

First meet was at a cafe in the tourist district. I told him I wanted to do what the locals do. He asked me if I had anything specific in mind. I said a bar, a club, a location that you do not see with the naked eye, and a place that only locals know. He brought some of his colleagues with him to the cafe. They were all gorgeous with fantastic accents. I almost wished that I had met them when I was alone. But it’s rude to flirt with the friends.

He took me to a meat market. It has a hidden restaurant in the back. It was fun to watch people pick out their fresh fish. There were also animal heads everywhere. That was a little different. But the food was great and the conversation was flowing.

He asked me if I had a swimsuit with me. I told him no. He said no worries, you can swim in bra and panties. We drove outside the city limits with two of his friends. We arrived at the top of a cliff. You climb down the cliff slightly to this little nook with a hidden pool of clear blue water. He brought towels. The guys had already hopped in. I’m standing in my outfit. The guys are telling me to get in, come on in the water is great, etc.

I tell him I need to talk to him. I ask him to step to the side with me. He looked perplexed. He asked me what the issue was? I pulled up my dress and showed him the issue. This Bunny wasn’t wearing a bra. He stared for a bit. Stared a little more, then replied, “They look great. I don’t see the problem.” He took my hand and we got into the water. Me in panties only. He was my flotation device. I held onto him the entire time.

Then the guys saw purple streaks in the water. They freaked the fuck out. I calmly informed them it’s just my hair bleeding.

Inter Monologue Moment: Men they just don’t understand. I don’t pay all this money for my hair to have it all bleed out in a secluded cove in Greece!

What happens when you’re in close proximity to a gentleman that you’re using as a flotation device? Kissing happens. Is it possible to be even more wet when you’re already submerged in the water? I’m here to tell you, yes you can to the point where you don’t notice your surroundings or anyone around you. After sucking face for about ten minutes. His friends then asked are we going to eat dinner? Or are we going to take ourselves to a hotel room? Or are we willing to share?

He then reminded his friends that he did not like to share. He is monogamous in his dating life. I sighed just a bit. Because I really wanted to kiss the Australian too.

Side note: Bunny seeking Australian. If you are a tall, ripped, & hot Australian please come to Savannah. I’ll be very hospitable.

We got out of the pool and headed to dinner. He took me into a lounge. We had tapas and wine for dinner, it was delicious. He then informed me that there was a club downstairs. We walk down the stairs and stop at a door.

I’m thinking worst case scenario. I’m about to be drugged and sold into sex slavery. I think my imagination due to my books from the beach is running a little bit wild. Door opens, and I hear this pounding beat. The deeper we get into the club the more I here rock and rave music. There’s tons of people and smoke. Every one is hopping up and down. Glow sticks are everywhere. He watching me as I get my bearings.

I turn around to face him. I aske okay, what are we going to do? His friends have disappeared. He said let’s dance. I told him this Bunny doesn’t dance. I need a drink. The drink made the lights very fun. I had many of them.

I went down the happy bunny hole. I lost my shoes while dancing apparently. And my panties… There could have been sex in the bathroom. It was a really nice bathroom. Marble countertops…

He was very well endowed. Our bathroom session was very nice. We went to the front of the mosh pit. He bought me some bunny ears which I had on, they glowed! But sadly they got lost in the mosh pit. I started to feel sleepy. So he took me back to his place. I don’t remember much of his home. There was more sex, a lot more sex.

Next morning, I’m trying to walk straight. I’m meeting my father for cafe in the market. He smiles asks me how my evening was. My mind runs thru all the many delicious activities. I smile sweetly at my father, then tell him the white lie he wants to hear. It was just a low key evening dad. So where’s my elixir of life?

The best flotation device is an Australian.


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  1. Yeah! That’s the Bunny I know and love. I’m glad you had a great time there, well, most of the time anyway. Welcome back, and I’m sorry your vacation is over now. 🙂

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