*Shake* your head moments

Saved by the bush


Has your body ever reacted before your brain? You looked around and thought damn, did I do that? Or how did I get here? No this isn’t a blackout situation. Just everyday normal life.

My girlfriend and I were walking Teddy downtown in one of the squares that has my favorite mini gluten free sandwich cookies. We were walking and talking. Just enjoying the afternoon. I’m scanning my surroundings as we walk. Always gotta be viligilant ladies! A HOT single man could be in close proximity or walk by and I can’t miss out on a hottie.

That would just be unforgivable.

As we are gossiping I look up to see a certain gentleman walking thru the square. I think, FUCK! I can’t even walk my dog without running into him

The him I’m referring to is 6’2, African American, broad shoulders, he has a little ponytail at the nape of his neck. Okay, so I’m NOT a fan of a ponytail unless you’re a biker. Get your hair cut!

But anyway, he was originally from the area and had a couple successful tour business downtown. I knew him thru my group of friends, unfortunately.

He’s one of those guys who has a difficult time excepting the word NO. He would ask me out every time he saw me. Personal bubble space, not a concept he had ever heard of. This man always had a line. He thought he was God’s gift to women. I told him NO, made excuses. He just NEVER got the idea. I didn’t want to be mean. Because he was friends with the author and this could cause problems if I wasn’t careful.

Back to the park, I see him and my girlfriend has her back turned. I look around for any available place to hide. We are in a square my options are severely limited. I see a bush and I jump behind it.

My girlfriend turns around, she’s befuddled. She only sees Teddy and his leash and a bush.  She looks at the bush and says, “Is there any reason why I’m now talking to a bush instead of you?” I told her to be quiet, he’s coming! We are both whispering at this point. Teddy is trying to get further into the bush to get to me. He’s giving away my hide away. So she takes him so it’s not so obvious.

As he comes towards us he looks around. I think that he saw me before hiding behind the bush and couldn’t figure out where I had gone. He looked at my girlfriend, she smiled and said nothing. He returned a smile to her and walked on. But he DID look back.

I thankfully waited before I came out of the bush. Or I would have been caught in a new type of compromising position.

The coast was clear so I emerged from the bush. I looked at my friend and said, we’ll never speak of this again. She looked at me and nodded. I took Teddy’s leash from her and we continued our walk.

Our walk needed at a happy hour of course. Teddy enjoys a good happy hour.

Tip: A bush is useful for more than just bathroom breaks. (refer to swinging)


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