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Get your streak on


So we are going to talk about my oldie, but a goodie friends with benefits fav.

I had been out with my girls on a tour. I ran into my fav benefits guy. We got to chit chatting and the two of us decided to slip away from our groups.

He then tells me that his neighbor gave him the code to his house to use his jacuzzi… I’m tipsy at this point but I remember how awesome the house that he’s referring to is.

Of course, I respond with lets go! We take a taxi to his house. He tells me it’ll probably be better if we rid ourselves of clothing. It’ll make it easier. But being the gentleman that he is, he gives me a towel. I swear it was the smallest towel I’ve ever seen. It barely covered my ass!

Yep, a real gentleman…

So, the house that we are going to is across the street. I neglected to mention there are six lanes of busy traffic between the two homes. And this is also one of the longest and busiest streets in the city…

Lets all take a moment, let your imagination kick in. A woman in a towel sprinting across multiple lanes of traffic during the night in a towel that barely covers and is flapping open due to the expediency I’m using to get across the street. Because a jacuzzi is completely worth getting run over by traffic.

And the naked man running behind her, with a towel covering his torso. He’s lagging behind. The traffic apparently doesn’t scare him enough. He doesn’t know who wins in vehicle versus pedestrian.

We make it across the street. He has the code to get in the side door. It takes three tries. THREE I’m flipping out! We are standing outside in nothing but towels. Cops drive by this street all the time. It’s time for concern.

We get in! It’s stunning. The house literally is surrounding the pool. It’s got glass everywhere. Hello, party! 

The jacuzzi is already going. I think it’s a little too hot. He jumps in trying to convince me it’s fine, then he hops out. His manly man parts aren’t comfortable in the boiling water. Shocker.

We correct the temperature issue and then we get to business. Let your imagination kick in again my dear readers.

© southerngabunny

13 thoughts on “Get your streak on

    1. Don’t worry I plan on posting some tomorrow. I’ve had family visiting from Greece and big wigs in town at work so things have been hectic.

      Don’t worry I have a long list of stories to pick from. I just need to find some time to get in the right mood and type them out. 😊🍷


      1. I was just joking around, I know its the holidays – enjoy time with visiting family. Greece to the south – wow (lol) show them what the south is all about. Their expressions will be worth it. have fun!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I figured you were… 😉

          My dad from Greece and he has a habit of popping over for a visit without telling me and then staying for extended visits. I’m counting down the days till he goes back. Lol. I have a ton of funny stories where he has put holes in my ceiling, rearrange my house or tried to help with my remodeling but only made it worse. Ugh!

          I love him but omg he is killing my dating life and my house. Lol


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