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Valet Me

Please refer to Just Chill for background on the following story.

My weekend has ended with the Pretender. But before I head back home, I have a date with Sex on a stick. A date I’m VERY MUCH looking forward too. 

I met my family for lunch first. Then went to Sex on a stick’s house. He told me I was welcome to come to his place to freshen up before dinner. I didn’t get a bad vibe off of him, and I had my location on my phone turned on. So I thought why not?

I arrive at his address, I think I’m lost. Because there’s valet parking at the building I’m in front of. I assume it’s a hotel and Siri has taken me to the wrong place. I never asked him what he did for a living. I admit I judged him from the leather and bar he was hanging out in. I thought I’d be meeting him at a small house or apartment.

I call him. He tells me I’m at the right location. Just to pull in and he’d meet me downstairs. I still feel a little uncomfortable, I think I’m at a hotel. But it turns out it’s a private residence with valet parking. 

I’m standing by my car. I turn and see him walking towards me. He’s wearing gray sweatpants that are hanging off his hips, fitted tee, and flip flops. OH MY GOD! He looks so HOT! I swear I felt like I was melting as he was walking towards me.

He grabs my suitcases and walks me upstairs. We enter his huge flat. It has gorgeous views, you can see the entire city. (picture taken with my phone) 

He is the perfect host. He makes sure I’m comfortable. He tells me he’s going to the gym, to make myself at home, he’d be back shortly. I was tempted to snoop. But I stopped myself and was good. I then realize that I’m more comfortable in with Sex on the stick’s home then the Pretender’s.

We both start to get ready for dinner a few hours later. He gave me my own room and bathroom. We go to a beautiful restaurant and really enjoy the meal. It was delicious. As we are talking during dinner, I find out what he does for a living. He’s a partner in a firm, and he does quite well for himself. I’ve struck GOLD! Then I remember his tattoos they stop just short enough to be covered with a suit. It makes complete sense. Think like Barron, from the Fever series

He took me to a lounge afterwards. Then a exclusive dance club. I’m not a dancer but I was willing to pretty much do anything with him. He was a complete gentleman all night. His presence was enough to let any other man to know NOT to fuck with him. We make our way back to his flat.

We have another glass of wine. He has a great selection. We are on the sofa, chit chatting about things we have in common. I start to get tired, he notices. He tells me if I need anything to please let him know. He was a perfect gentleman.

I told him there was one little question I had for him. What if I wanted to sleep with him? He turned off all the lights and 

I followed him back to his bedroom…

He stalked me toward the bed like a panther. Then slowly went in for the KILL and let me tell you I’ve NEVER been so happy in all my life. All I kept thinking was, TAKE ME, TAKE ME! I discovered this evening that Bunny can produce multiple lakes and sleeping around these lakes are interesting. 

Eventually the sex a thon took a pause, so we could sleep to rejuvenate. I’m generally not a cuddler, but he did cuddling so much justice. I couldn’t help myself, I cuddled. 

We woke up in the morning. He made me breakfast and then I took a shower. I have nothing against smelling like sex. But my new shiny four wheeled treat to myself would then no longer have that new smell. I had to think of my baby.

As I’m drying off after my shower, wandering hands are on my body from behind. Those magical hands sent me off in all the right ways. I’d drive eight hours for that magic any day.

Quote: “I’ll never chase a man, but if he has tattoos and muscles a bitch might just power walk.”


4 thoughts on “Valet Me

  1. What a weekend! I am sure Pretender thought it was going to happen entirely differently. Hopefully he’s learned his lesson! Looks like things ended much better than expected! What a time – your treat to yourself and a weekend saved by a great guy!

    Loved the power walk line. Too funny!

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