Olympus has risen 

Yiasou y’all! Yiasou is Greek for hi, the y’all all of you are aware of. A Greek greeting is appropriate for this post. 

I was in Greece when this escapade took place. So, there’s a new greeting for all of y’all to use! Just like how I want to bring back the word “bang.” I hope all of you my beloved readers will go out there and spread a little Greek love in the world, lol. I’m visiting my family in Greece. Enjoying the scenic beaches, delicious gluten free food, riding a scooter thru the streets, chit chatting with my Yia Yia (grandmother) about why I’m still single, y’all get the point, the normal family stuff.

I met a few people thru some family members. We took the rail to their house, which was located in downtown Athens. They convinced me that I hadn’t experienced life until I had been to a Rave. So, I put on a thin short white dress that they told me I just had to wear. I thought I’m on vacation. I’m just going to let loose, not think so much, and have fun! So I rocked that little bit of a white dress.

We pre gamed, of course. Apparently my favorite trance artist was playing that night too. SCORE! We took the rail to a large warehouse that the Rave was taking place in. Okay, so really really LLOOONNGG line. But thankfully we looked hot enough to that when the bouncers were looking down the line they pointed us out. YES! 

The inside of the warehouse is as follows: gutted out, high ceilings, bright neon flashing lights, large bar to the left, a few tables scattered around the dance floor, and the stage was hanging over the dance floor with a DJ, and everyone was dressed in white. It was a sea of white. If you lose your designated buddy in this crowd your screwed. I’m generally not a dance fan. But thanks to the alcohol in my system I was a dancing machine that night.

We get more drinks. The girls and I are dancing in a circle. It’s been about an hour later, I notice the room starts to fill with smoke. The DJ than mentions a special guest. Everybody starts to yell. I’m a little taken back. Because I only know a little bit of Greek. So I’m not sure what everyone is so excited about. But I’m on vacation so I just go with the yelling. 

Suddenly bubbles started to fill the room…

Yep, that’s right bubbles. Now my beloved readers, what happens when you add bubbles to white? Yep, that’s right. It’s one large wet tshirt Greek orgy. Now, I understand why the girls told me to wear neon undergarments. It’s like a switch has been throw and everyone is dancing up against each other. There’s a lot of interesting activities going on around me, use your imagination. People in slick see through clothing while drinking alcohol.

We’re all adults here, you know what happens.

I’m in a foreign country. It’s not like I can take the gentleman home who is slick and rubbing on my body in all the right ways. I’m also staying with family. I CAN’T just bring home a man in see thru clothing. We might not have spoken the same language. But, body language is universal.

So, we are on the dance floor. The hands that have been rubbing on me, I hadn’t seen his face. I was just letting his hands wander and they wandered oh so very well. I finally decided to turn around and see my wanderer. 


A Greek god’s hands have been wandering over my body this entire time! Thank you Aphrodite! She helped a fellow Greek girl out! He’s 6’3, could of bounced a quarter off of any part of his body, entire right side was covered in tattoos, pierced nipples, he decided to go commando this particular evening in his see through white ensemble… 

Let me repeat, THANK YOU APHRODITE!!!

He definitely claimed me as his dancing partner. Because any other man that came close to try, got the look. Y’all know the look I’m talking about. Then he kissed me. DEAR SWEET LORD BABY JESUS! I melted, downstairs. I thought to myself I’d go anywhere with this man. I almost told the girls, PEACE OUT, I’ll see y’all in the morning.

All of his friends are dancing with my girls now. I told him if only I wasn’t staying with my family I’d take you home right now.  He said, if being forward is a States thing he liked it. Then gave a counter, he said how about his place?  Yes, I know he could have been the Greek god serial killer. But at this point I didn’t care! 

The girls and I have a pow wow moment. Everyone is good. One of my girls is going home with one of his friends. He happens to live in his building. This is fortuitous. So she and I agree to meet up in the morning. Because I have no idea where the hell that building is. If all else fails I’ve got enough money for a cab and my Yia Yia’s address. I trusting in Aphrodite! She sent the Greek god to me, so I’m hoping she’s going to look out for me.

We make our way outside. He asked how I got there, if there was a car I needed to take etc. I told him we took the Rail. He looked at me like I had just said I went thru gang territory in the wrong colors. I thought the rail was SAFE. So, it’s not. Whoops. He then told me NOT to take the rail again. At this point I would have done pretty much anything Greek god said. 

We walk down the street, stop in front of a two door Audi. It has beautiful leather interiors, stick shift, and screams fuck me in your car. We get to his building. It’s about a twenty minute drive. We take the elevator to the top floor. His place is gorgeous. He’s got floor to ceiling windows with a view of the ocean, marble counters, artwork, beautiful tile floors, etc. y’all get the point, it fucking fabulous in his place. I’m thinking jackpot! Just say YES to a Greek god if you find him. 

Don’t even think about it, just say YES!

I tell him that I have a few questions, before we get down to business. He laughs and says go on. I began with: Is this your parents place? He laughs and says no. Are you a member of the MOB? Yes, I actually asked that. He shakes his head and says you funny Americans. But he never actually answers my question. Then Greek god says that he’s just a really good Investor. I’m still thinking mob in the back of mind. 

He walks slowly towards me. I’m thinking a lion is about to pounce on his prey. I’m now leaning against the floor to ceiling windows. He asks me if I would like to get more comfortable? I told him I was okay. But then he offers me one of his shirts. 

I end up on the veranda, in his design clad button down shirt. He opened a bottle of smooth red wine, I’m drinking a glass enjoying the beautiful view.  By the way he hasn’t turned on the lights, it’s all candlelight and he is washing my clothes for me in his washing machine. Be still my Bunny heart! 

We are doing the tit for tat answer question portion of the evening. I’m in shock. I feel like I hit Greek god gold. It must be too good to be true. He’s staring at me. Then asks me if I want a refill. I tell him I’m fine. He proceeds to come over to me and get down on one knee. (No, he’s not proposing but, in that moment if he did I probably would have said YES. I was so enamered with him.) Greek God takes my wine glass and puts it aside and gives me one of the BEST FUCKING kisses of my life. I swear he tasted like chocolate.

Next thing I know, we are in his beautiful bedroom. The sheets never got used, they ended up on the floor. He was like a lion, pouncing on me in all the right ways. Yes, my own personal Greek god please pounce on me! His equipment got the job done! THANK YOU APHRODITE!! He woke me up so pleasantly in the morning with the sun streaming in for a little morning sex. Isn’t that the way every girl likes to be woken up in the morning? It’s second to my elixir of life and he used his tongue in so many right ways. 

Let’s talk about his shower… 

Did he steal it from a lifestyle magazine? I wonder. It’s all glass, you can see the beach below. So anyone from the beach below can see the hanky panky that’s going on up in there. I step in the shower. There are so many different switches. So I turn on the switch that fogs the glass looking over the beach. I was looking for the overhead light. Oh well, this works too. The Greek god, enters the shower sanctuary. I’m unaware that he has entered. The Greek god tells me he’s disappointed I started without him. He proceeds to FUCK ME against the fog wall, and unfogs it. BEST SEX OF MY LIFE! If I didn’t have bruises before, I certainly have bruises now. 

He lathers my sex shaken body all over and I do mean ALL over. Then towels me off. I’m thinking the entire time, I’m dreaming. I’ve passed out on the floor of my girlfriends apartment. But I pinch myself and realize it’s reality! He tells me that he put my clothes out on the bed and when I’m dressed to join him on the veranda for cafe. CAFE, he said as in my elixir of life


We are enjoying our cafe on the veranda. He asked me if I had plans for the evening and would I be interested in dinner???

The Greek god will return next week…


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