Olympus has risen 

Yiasou y'all! Yiasou is Greek for hi, the y'all all of you are aware of. A Greek greeting is appropriate for this post.  I was in Greece when this escapade took place. So, there's a new greeting for all of y'all to use! Just like how I want to bring back the word "bang." I… Continue reading Olympus has risen 


Slip n slide

It's the middle of the work week. I'm at home after work, in my pjs. I'm relaxing, drinking a glass of wine and reading a book. Just chilling with Teddy. It's a good evening, a lazy evening. We are all entitled to a little laziness. I look at my phone one of my guy friends… Continue reading Slip n slide

Adventures of Bunny

Midsummer Nights Tail

Another adventure, down the bunny hole we go my beloved readers... I met this gentleman in Savannah's sister city, Charleston. I decided to drive up and spend the weekend with him. My arrival was late in the evening. He had just had back surgery. So, we actually just slept that night. Yes, we really… Continue reading Midsummer Nights Tail


Apply within, seeking foreplay

This story is a two dater. Yes, two dates then done. I'll give a little background information about this gentleman. We met on  He's 5'10, receding hairline, lumberjack facial hair, athletic body, and pale complexion. His profession, attorney. He's dedicated to his job. Before our first date we messaged back and forth for about… Continue reading Apply within, seeking foreplay