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Can’t Touch This

This adventure took place in Santorini. The beautiful Greek volcanic isle known for dramatic views, stunning sunsets, and white washed buildings with blue accents.

So I need to give my father kudos. He got us a gorgeous villa to stay in on the island. I was truly entranced by the view from our terrace.

I know this is a father/daughter trip, but as I mentioned before I squeezed in a little play while on holiday. The gentleman for this post I did not meet on the island or from a dating website. We actually met on Facebook. Facebook can double as a dating site, kind of. I’d just like to say I was careful for first meet. Of course, public place! Our first encounter was dinner in the States.

Description: 5’11, gray eyes, muscular build, covered in tats, and contractor for the military. For this post I’ll be referring to him as Traveler.

He travels overseas constantly for work. I touched base with him while I was lounging on the island. While we chatted on messenger he mentioned that he was only a couple of countries away. So he made plans to come and visit me for a week.

I spent time in the morning briefly with my father. Then the rest of the time I spent getting lost with the Traveler. We walked thru the village, went to the beach, ate, drank, went out, we just genuinely enjoyed each other’s company.

We were about to head to the beach. He was already dressed. He looked absolutely delicious in his board shorts, no shirt needed when you have abs and arms like that. I had been rocking my one pieces during the trip. In Greece the beach culture is less is more. So you’ll see everything from g strings to topless. Traveler had asked if I had a two piece. I told him that I’d be continuing the one piece trend. Someone needs to start it! Greek women will thank me one day. I’d like to point out that my one pieces were cute/sexy. Whether backless, low cut front, mesh cut outs etc.

Traveler was swimming like a fish in the crystal clear water. He would wave to me from the ocean, trying to signal me to come in. I kept on telling him no, I’m good on the beach. I love my umbrella and chair. He sat down next to me. I guess he thought if he asked enough maybe I would budge from my lounger. Suddenly my bit of sun was gone, blocked out by Traveler.

He’s dripping wet. This made it hard to concentrate on what he was saying. He asked again, “Sure you don’t want to get into the water?” I finally had to break it down for him. This Bunny does not swim. Next thing I know he’s picked me up in a lovers carry. As I’m kicking and screaming to put me back down. He’s hearing me but clearly on a mission towards the water. We’re in the water about waist deep for him and he drops me!


The locals call it bath water. Bath water my ass! My bath water is warm and steamy and has Traveler washing my back in it. As I’m flipping the fuck out looking like a drowned rat, I get accustomed to the water. It’s actually not that bad.

I people watch in the water. Traveler is now thrilled that I’m enjoying the water with him. I can see the fish, which is pretty cool. After about an hour, I decide to start to head back to the beach. The water changes color when the bottom changes. Part of the ocean bottom is sand the other are rocks and pebbles. The rocks and pebbles made the water very dark and difficult to see. As I’m walking gently I step on something sharp and spiky.

I proceed to start saying a string of cuss words. FUCK! Bloody fucking hell! What the fuck! Shit! You’ve gotta be shitting me! He then proceeds to laugh. He thinks it’s funny. I’ve just stepped on an urchin. Imagine stepping on a Lego with spikes. It fucking hurts! I think I might be bleeding. The first thing that pops into my mind is sharks. I’ve watched enough shark week to know what happens when blood is in the water.

Traveler is making friends in the water. I finally get out, no shark bites thankfully. I take a look at my foot. It’s only a small scratch. So my little fuck, fuck, fuck episode in the water might have been a little dramatic. But in that moment I seriously thought I had a gash on my foot that was bleeding!

He gets out of the water. He’s trying to be sweet and rub my back. Traveler holds up my foot, checks it out. He’s asking if he can do anything. I am alright. I look at him with the death stare. I inform him he’s so not getting any tonight. A mutant Lego just fucked up my foot. The heels that he loves so much will not be able to be worn. And I brought so many gorgeous shoes! Grrr!

The friends that he met in the water have invited us out to drinks. I got back and spend a little time with my dad. I put spaghetti strap, slinky, racer back, bra less top and mini skirt with wedges. Then I borrowed my dad’s car to go back and meet Traveler.

My irritation had worn off at this point. I was happy to see him. I’m on vacation. An incredibly hot man is here to spend time with me. I’m not going to ruin it. Let’s get the party started! Santorini is known for its bars and parties.

We met the new friends at trendy lounge on the beach, umbrellas, music, and drinks. He went to the bar. He came back with a bottle of wine and a glass for me. He then asked would I prefer a straw? Smart ass. I told him no the glass would be fine. Traveler speaks multiple languages. I know he only gets sexier. So he ordered for us. He got a variety of dishes which are locally inspired.

I was talking with our new friends. They were on vacation as well. So we had a lot to discuss. They were Norwegian and Russian, great accents. They put my dish in front of me. I was busy conversing. He poked me and said you need to try this. You’re going to love it. I look down at my dish. What do I see? I’ll tell you what I fucking saw the Lego with fucking spikes! He got me a sea urchin. Grr!!

If looks could kill he would have been dead on the floor. Apparently it’s an expensive specialty. I did not find it funny. But I sucked it up and tried it. It was okay… I would have preferred something that hadn’t caused me injury earlier.

As the night progresses I drink more. We mingled and met more people. I left to use the little girls room. I found more nice people in the bathroom which I made friends with. They invited to come and spend some time with them at the beach. I thought why not the restaurant is right there. I can see my table from the water.

Time flies when your having fun…

I’m then greeted by an angry Traveler. Apparently I was gone for over thirty minutes. He had been looking everywhere for me. The bartender had to point him in the right direction. He was being a party pooper. He felt like he was baby sitting me. I told him I was fine. I deserve to have a little fun after the sea urchin. He looks down at my feet and asks me where are my shoes?

I told him I temporarily took them off they were at the table where I left them. This is when he proceeded to pull them from behind his back. Okay well whoops on my part.

We were invited to go to a party. He was ready to go home. I told him it’s early it’s only eleven. That’s when he informed me it was three o’clock in the morning. I shot my dad a quick text saying that I was staying in town tonight and that I’d see him in the morning for breakfast.

We went back to Traveler’s place. He was having a mini tantrum. Men can be such babies. He was kinda giving me the silent treatment. As I start to sober a bit I realize that he was genuinely concerned for me.

His villa had its own pool. The pool isn’t private. Your neighbors above and next to you can see the pool. It also is lit at night. I decide that I need to cheer him up. So I told him let’s take a swim. I ask him to join me. He sits down next to the pool. I strip off all of my clothes and hop into the pool. I couldn’t get him in the pool at first he was still pouting. I was trying to get him to come in.

One half of the pool has jets. He still wasn’t coming in. I told him I wasn’t going to beg. I’ll let the jets do the work for me. I’m giving him my back and enjoying the view. He took the bait. He’s stripped down and in the water. I’ve never seen him naked before. I’m in happy Bunny mode.

He always referred to his package as, “Little Man”. Well let me just say that nickname is not correct. There was nothing little about him. I was facing the jets, stimulating the front while he was behind. We are getting it on, and we are not quiet about it. Either the neighbors love us because they get to see free porn or they hate us. There’s no in between. I’m about to get there while looking at the gorgeous view. Then he stopped, he’s such a tease. He was doing it to make a point. It was like punishment. Every time I’m almost there, little man is gone suddenly. Now I’d like to say from my books they make it seem like that’s great when it gets to the end. But when when finally got there it was great! But it also would have been better to get there a little before that.

But hey I’m a happy Bunny, who just got majorly laid in Greece. No complaints here.

Advice: Buy the ticket, take the ride.


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  1. That sounds fantastic and hot, and I’m talking about from your point of view. His POV must have been amazing! A great night, a great place, and this isn’t the end – what could be better?

    The next post? 🙂

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