Rack’Em Up


I originally met this gentleman from

We had been out on a few dates, just two or three. We had a lot in common.  He’s 6’2, slender build, high forehead, short hair, and handsome.

The “spark” wasn’t quite there though. I was at a local jazz bar with friends. He met my friends and I, the girls than skedaddled. He decided after I finished my drink that it would be fun for us to participate in an activity together. Now, get your minds out of the gutter! I mean a legitimate public activity. Not the activity you were all thinking. He suggested pool.

We went to local basement billiards bar. Say that three times fast, lol.

There was a wait but we lucked up and there’s a table in the back. While he’s racking up the balls, a pilot that I know came over to say hi (refer to get your streak on). He had his best friend with him also. We were chatting and they wanted to play pool, but there was a wait. I introduced them to my gentleman, calling him a friend. Then he interjected and said that he was my date.

Can anyone else feel the testosterone level elevate in the room?

My date was hospitable and told them they could play with us. They took their names off the list and got me a drink. Then the pilot and bestie asked if I knew how to play pool. I of course told them no.

Side-note: I knew how to play, but I decided it would be more fun to have them show me.

The guys informed me that the three of them would play first to show me how a real game of pool worked. Yet again, the testosterone rises another level. After that I would join the game. If I had any questions I just had to ask.

My date breaks, I’m on one side of the table with the pilot, and bestie is at the bar. He, as in my date is instructing me as he goes. I’ll spare you the details of the game my readers. But use your imaginations. It’s my date versus pilot, it’s become a measurement contest at this point and I’m not talking about the pool cues.

In the end they tie…

Second round is now here. They ask who’s team I’d like to be on. After watching the “contest” I decide that it’s best that we are each our own entity. Bestie says he’s not going to play. Pilot breaks, he then hands me his pool cue. He asked if I needed any help. I told him no, I’ve got this.

As I’m leaning over the table, I’m flirting over the table. In other words, I’m wiggling my hinny a little and I’m bent over far enough that the girls look good.

I’ve forgotten about my actual date at this point… Oops.

I’m setting up my shot, I ask the pilot if I look okay. He says I look fine. I take my shot, the pool cue slips. I miss. FUCK. I hand him his pool cue back. He says no, that I can have another chance. I lean over again, he says he’ll assist me as I go. He leans over me, definitely in my personal bubble space. It’s like we’re spooning vertically instead of horizontally. My intended ball goes in the pocket.

I jump UP and DOWN for JOY.

Pilot is now back against the wall and out of my personal bubble space. I hug bestie because I’m so excited! I look over at my date with a huge smile on my face.

My date doesn’t look pissed, but he doesn’t look particularly thrilled either. He gives me a half smile and says he knew I could do it.

Bestie noticed my drink was low. So he went and got me a refill. Bestie and pilot are being more attentive than my date at the moment. My date is up to play. I start to chit chat with the bestie. Because I don’t want my date to think I’m being over friendly to the pilot. Bestie tells me that he got the ink he had mentioned to me. I told him that’s cool, I’d love to see it.

Next thing I know he’s unbuttoning his shirt…

It’s a Magic Mike moment! He’s half naked now and shows me his new ink. I’m still a little shocked that he has basically stripped in the middle of the bar. But I roll with, after all I’m fully clothed so I’m fine. I told him it looks great. He replies with if I’d like to get a closer look I’m welcome to. I told him no no I’m good.

He then grabs my hand, and runs it over his new ink on his manly muscle-y chest. Yes, that’s right I’m caressing his ripped like Jesus abs.

Pause for moment of pure bliss and contentment……….

Okay, moment is over back to my fly boy.

The pilot came over, he seems a little taken back. He didn’t seem happy that I was touching his bestie’s ripped chest. Pilot made a comment saying he didn’t know it was show and tell in the bar tonight. After the stripper moment the pilot stayed close to me for the rest of the evening. Testosterone just shot up again. I look for my date, he’s surprisingly still hanging in there.

I check on him, he says he’s fine and that my friends are cool. But after this game he’s going to head home. A few more drinks, we finish the game. I tell them that we are heading out. The pilot and bestie say that they are going to head out too. So, they follow behind us. My date and I are walking in front of them.

We get to his car, it’s a lil ghetto and junky looking. Upon seeing his vehicle, I decide that I need to walk off a little bit of my buzz. Because I don’t want to leave my car downtown. He says he can drive me to my car. I tell him there’s no need, the guys can walk me. He seems a little uncomfortable with it, but says okay and he’ll talk to me tomorrow.

The guys ask me where my date went off to. I inform them that he was tired and wanted to head home. So, they were stuck with me for another hour. They give each other a shared grin. We head to a sports bar. They continue the measure-a-thon. Buy me drinks, ask me questions about who’s better at what, etc. I can tell bestie is really into me. But I’m feeling the pilot a little more.

So, I scooch closer to the pilot and I put my hand on his leg. I swear, I feel like they two boys fighting over a shiny new toy. Ugh, it’s ridiculous.

The guys inform me that they are done for the night and it’s time to to get a cab, I’m welcome to share it with them. We all hop in the cab. I’m sandwiched in the middle. We swing by bestie’s place first. He’s pulling out all the stops to get me to come in with him. He even gives me a great smooch and tells me that he’ll show me a great time. As flattering as his offer is, I’m still more interested in pilot. I give him a polite thanks but no thanks.

We continue on to the pilot’s house. He tells me that he’s happy to pay for my cab ride home. I inform him that there’s no need. I’d rather spend the rest of the evening and morning with him…

Okay, my devoted readers use your capable and vivid imaginations from here 😉

Tip: “Whether it’s the strong guided slide of the shaft or the banging and slamming of the balls, skill is everything. And the same applies for billiards as well.” A billiards quote by an unknown author

© southerngabunny

10 thoughts on “Rack’Em Up

  1. you like playing all sides again the other for sure. I know plenty of guys who would have been laid out on the floor for getting touchy feely with another man’s date …and um the guy you were on the date with was more pissed than you know, but wasn’t man enough to handle things…he could have done two things …have you and him leave and go somewhere else where there is less competition for your attention or if he was really ballsy tell pilot and bestie to pound sand some where else

    Liked by 1 person

    1. True… I really wasn’t that into my date which is why I didn’t really care. Also.. A little caveman activity is always nice as well… Lol

      The pilot and I ended up seeing each other off and on for about six years. I’ve only written one other about him so far.. “Get your streak on..”

      Thanks for reading 💖

      Liked by 1 person

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