Adventures of Bunny

Keep It Classy

As you all know I can be a little crazy sometimes. I'm a special type of Bunny. But all of you my beloved readers know this. Thank you for loving my crazy! This post will be a continuation of my craziness with newbie Mr. Mistaken Identity. (Please refer to Axe Me for how I met… Continue reading Keep It Classy


Rack’Em Up

I originally met this gentleman from We had been out on a few dates, just two or three. We had a lot in common.  He's 6'2, slender build, high forehead, short hair, and handsome. The "spark" wasn't quite there though. I was at a local jazz bar with friends. He met my friends and… Continue reading Rack’Em Up


Third time’s the charm

Okay ladies, how do you get to know a man you are potentially interested in dating? This is a struggle for single women everywhere. Do you play hard to get? Do you just lay your cards on the table? No, no of course not. You do what every sane woman does, you ask a friend... There… Continue reading Third time’s the charm

*Shake* your head moments

Stupid anyone?

This escapade began with a website I'm familiar with and all of you my beloved readers are too. Can you guess which site? Well, I won't keep you in suspense any longer. The familiar site I speak of is I know, your shocked (lol). This gentleman was of the Yankee persuasion. His physical description… Continue reading Stupid anyone?