Adventures of Bunny

She’s Alive!!!

I’m back!

Y’all know I do not sugar coat anything. So if you have political or religious drama check it at the door. I am not here writing or listening for that. This is for venting, story sharing, and my crazy yet screwed up at times life.

COVID sucks. Want to know what sucks more about COVID, how about having it twice?!?! Yep, that would me! Winning!

The only good thing COVID did give us… y’all know what I’m talking about work from home, its such a wondrous thing.

This provided us with:

  • Pajamas for workwear
  • My new coworker was my furry baby
  • Saving money on dry shampoo because who needs clean hair?
  • Cleaner & glowing skin from less makeup & stress
  • Better productivity

The unfortunate cons of working from home, there are few. Just a few!

I’ll list them:

  • Online shopping (my walk-in closet is too small now) including many pairs of Toms. They are so comfortable and there is a pattern for every occasion.
  • No elixir of life (I had to buy my own espresso maker. It just did not taste the same way my baristas make it.)
  • No social gatherings (My readers who are social butterflies you’ll understand how hard it was not to be able to chit chat and meet new people.)
  • No personal space. (My father is stuck stateside during the pandemic 𝖺𝗄𝖺 quarantine lockdown.) Imagine your in the middle of pleasuring yourself and at that critical moment you hear a knock at your bedroom door and it’s your father asking if you have any bowls? He’s loading the dishwasher.
  • The last and worst con of all…. yep the dreaded WEIGHT GAIN! I’m not talking 1 or 2 pounds. It’s more like the freshmen 15 x 2 has come back. Voluptuous bunny is here to stay. She looks good folks.

I’ve retired my work heels to Toms shoes. If you’re wondering why, I can not handle people and their tax bullshit anymore. I’m now running a utility branch and I’m surrounded by men 24/7. I’m a happy bunny! My work wardrobe is now casual, with ripped jeans, blouses, and vests. But do not worry all of my accessories and purses are still worn daily.

Enough of the recap lets get this bunny hopping…

The adventures are beginning again!

Stay tune.


10 thoughts on “She’s Alive!!!

  1. Glad you’ve survived COVID! As for the weight gain, it is exactly that for me. While there are those who exercised (ugh) and more during the lockdown, I have gained about 25 pounds from the initial 100-pound loss. Sadly, this has also led to my arthritis flaring up more, etc. It’s all a domino effect. Anyway, enough. Glad you’re ok. I saw a pic of you and your father on IG. You’d never know by the smiles that you’d want him out of your hair. LOL

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  2. Yay, welcome back! Same here. Even though everyone rolls their eyes when I tell them about my 10 pounds weight gain, it’s serious! I don’t have elf like long legs, more like short and once upon a time muscular sheep legs! Covid lock down also led me to Korean skincare and I wonder, are 18 different face cleanser too many???

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  3. Welcome back,

    Glad to hear that you survived the pandemic.

    Hopefully you can enjoy the time with your dad and he will give you some space when you need it to enjoy some private time.

    Congratulations on the new job and the new normal dress- business comfortable.

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