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BEER me up Scotty

How do you know when you love your girlfriends? When you sacrifice for them. Let me tell you my beloved readers I LOVE my girls. Because true sacrifice happened. I was DD, for an entire day at wait for it… Beer fest! 

Yep, an entire building filled with different types gluten filled beverage goodness that I could not consume. Beer inside, beer outside, in corners, on stairs, beer everywhere. The only saving grace of beer fest for DD’s is that you get into the event for free. You also get a different colored wrist band and a cup. Yes, that’s right a cup. It’s almost like they were encouraging drinking of DD’s. But being the awesome friend that I am I gave up my cup to my girls, so they could double fist it. After all what are friends for.

When we got inside our pretzel necklaces were a hit. Apparently we were geniuses for thinking of pretzel necklaces.  Since there was only alcohol everywhere and NO food, they were necessary and yummy. The girls and I enjoyed the event. They drank, we chatted, double fisted, took pics, etc. all in all a happy brew fest day. 

But naturally that’s not it of course. I wouldn’t want to bore all of you with my woe is me, I can’t drink beer story.

Late afternoon we left, we were all hungry. We had been at beer fest since before noon. So, we decided on pizza. I parked my cute little rental car. All of us got out. One of us did not get out of the car like the others. She opened the car door and fell out. But thankfully she didn’t fall onto a sidewalk or street. She fell into low lying bushes. We all busted out laughing as she was attempting to reposition her skirt in a lady like way. While getting up from the bushes. 

If anyone asks, the bushes ATTACKED her and she WON! 

I finally got to start drinking at dinner, HOORAY! We all ordered and chatted. One of the girls went home after dinner. So it was just three of us left. On the way to move the car closer to all of the drinking establishments we were planning on gracing with our presence. We turned around to see that our girlfriend had hopped into the bushes and was attempting to make snow angels. Uh huh that’s right, SNOW ANGELS in the bushes. She then told us that the bushes were cushy

This was the beginning of our night…

We hit up five bars. Then we decided to go to one of our favorites it’s a small two story bar, with dark wood everywhere, a few nooks, and a courtyard. It’s a hole in the wall. But it’s a hole in the wall that we are fond of. A few other girls met up with us, the bar was hopping. One of the girls that joined us is always trying to hook me up with people. Ugh

She was talking to a few guys at the bar. She introduced me, I wasn’t really interested. But she said I should give him a try. He and I talked for a bit. He bought me a drink, which I sipped on. Then asked if I liked it. I told him not really. He suggested buying shots for us and all of my girls. He bought a round of whiskey. We all drank, and he had my other drink edited so I would actually drink it.

I finished it. He told me that if I wanted another drink to just use his card. I put out my hand. He had two drinks in his hands. He turned his hip and said just grab it out of my pocket. I gave him a look, but I wanted my free drink. So, I went digging thru his pockets. My girlfriend looks over and sees that I’m assaulting a strangers pocket. She proceeded to tell me that there are places for situations like this. I replied, do you want a free drink or not? She said, keep digging.

I finally got the card, and ordered a round of drinks plus shots. Now I just have to stick the card back in his pocket. I decided I wasn’t doing that again. I decided to put it in the safest place I could think of with easy access. I took my girlfriend who was dancing on the dance floor her drink. She turned for her liquid refreshment, as she was grabbing it and distracted I put his card in her bra. It was safe with her tipsy dancing self.

Then my dancing girlfriend asked me where our other friend was, and if she wanted a drink. 

To all of my male readers: You are NOT imagining it I touched another woman’s breast. Yes, we women do not care about our friends touching our boobs, bra, etc. Putting a card in your friends bra just means they are a GOOD friend and my girlfriend did not flinch, we continued on with conversation. 

That’s when we both realized we hadn’t seen our other girlfriend in a while. Whoops. She finally reappeared, asked where her drink was, and where the hell we had been. I told her I had been busy cultivating a new relationship for FREE drinks. While my other girlfriend was drinking the free drinks while dancing. 

She informed us she got locked in the bathroom, and couldn’t get out. When she finally unlocked it she thought she was free. Until a couple making out came barreling in. They closed themselves and her in. They were on the door, aka her escape route. It took her awhile to finally get free. Then she said, “I NEED A DAMN DRINK!” 

I reached into my super safe card hiding place (aka, my girlfriends bra) and went over to the bar to acquiesce her request. While getting her much deserved beverage I exchanged numbers with card guy. We continued to have fun, then left around 3. I drove to my girlfriends place and we crashed. 

Next morning I woke up to my phone dinging. It was card guy. He was texting about his bartender ID card. He needed it for work. I told him I could meet up with him to return it. He said how about dinner? I told him sure. (If you want to know more about card guy please refer to peekaboo)

I went over to my girlfriends room. She was awake and asked how I slept. I told her fine, minus my phone dinging. She asked why. I told her the guy from last night needed his card back. She put her hand inside her bra, and pulled out the cards. Like I said the safest secret card holding spot ever!    

Food for thought: If you put a credit card in a bra, does that qualify as a perk?

4 thoughts on “BEER me up Scotty

  1. You girls have all the fun! See us guys could never just “touch” each other for fun or keep our credit card in our bestie’s undies. Why is that? Didn’t Title IX make that legal now? 🙂

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