Adventures of Bunny

Screw It

It's that time of the year again! It's filled with joy and happiness. Lots of shopping, decor and fun. You know what time of year I'm talking about. You guessed it my beloved readers... My BIRTHDAY! Just what you were expecting to me to say, right? The girls and I got hotel rooms for the… Continue reading Screw It

Adventures of Bunny

Jack if I know

I'm going to change things up a bit my beloved readers. Today I'm posting about a phone call. Yes, that's correct a phone call. Don't start to yawn! I promise as always it will be entertaining. Actually educational too for my male readers. Here's a little background for all of you. I've been chatting with… Continue reading Jack if I know

Adventures of Bunny

Whatever Happened to Low Key?

Hello my beloved readers! I've missed all of you! Sorry for the delay. Y'all know life is a bitch sometimes and some people just don't understand. Blog time is important time. Due to my long delay, I have new funny and juicy stories for all of you! Never a dull moment. Bunny is back. It's… Continue reading Whatever Happened to Low Key?

Adventures of Bunny

Feel the Magic

If you've been following my Instagram then you know I've been on vacay in Florida. Galavanting from beach to beach, to the Keys and back etc. Y'all get the point. I'm living life with a fruity drink in my hand. Oh yes, I don't like to be a braggart but... Life is fucking good. It's… Continue reading Feel the Magic

Adventures of Bunny

Share the LOVE

It's been almost three years since I started this blog. I'm one hundred and five posts in. Wow! I honestly didn't know it was that many until I went back and checked. Many highs and lows. A lot of funny, complicated, strange, scary, happy, and frustrating moments. Life is full of all of these moments… Continue reading Share the LOVE

Adventures of Bunny

It was FURRY…

It's a lovely spring day. I've picked up some new flowers for my planters. Teddy is outside with me "helping" and by helping I mean he's digging holes. Not where I need holes to be dug... But he's having such a good time digging and rolling in the dirt I'm going with it. I decided… Continue reading It was FURRY…

Adventures of Bunny

I Need A Stiff One

I had a great Saturday. I spent the whole day out and about with friends. Mini spa day and treated myself in between. A little day drinking happened too, no judgements! Day drinking happens, lol. It's later on, time for a bar or two with my peeps. I'm sitting at the bar with my girls.… Continue reading I Need A Stiff One

Adventures of Bunny

A Whole New World

I met this gentleman while on was on a date with another gentleman from Yes, I know it's a little awkward. But you never know when or where you'll meet someone! My date and I were at Mellow Mushroom. You can't go wrong with pizza. I know it's not very Bunny like. But a… Continue reading A Whole New World

Adventures of Bunny

BUZZ, Buzz, PRATTLE, Prattle 

Weddings are happy occasions. The bliss, love, friendship, and family. There's so much love in the air. Doesn't everyone just love the little flower girl skipping down the aisle with rose petals? Or that cute ring bearer with a pastel pillow? Yes, yes we all love weddings. All that hope is intoxicating. Many a man… Continue reading BUZZ, Buzz, PRATTLE, Prattle 


Whatever happen to quality dick? Part 2

Please refer to part one for more details on this post. After ordering a round of drinks, I explained to my girlfriend the conundrum that I had just been faced with while holding on to her arm. She then understood. But did say that it would have been easier to say hi, be polite, and… Continue reading Whatever happen to quality dick? Part 2