Bunny’s Christmas Wish 

My beloved readers,

I want to apologize for leaving all of you in the lerch for a month. 

Bunny has had A LOT of changes in the last month. The major ones being a career change and move. Moving is a BITCH! I’m still unpacking shoes. Only incredibly fabulous heels, of course. The career change was necessary for my health and happiness. And I am just that, happier and healthier more than ever. If any of you are at a job that is sucking the life out of you, STOP! Don’t do it anymore. 

Life is too short my readers not to be happy. It was scary for me, but I’m so happy I risked it. No risk, no reward as the cliche line goes. Thank you for sticking with me! So many of you checked in on me. It is so very appreciated. I LOVE all of you.
But never fear, Bunny has hopped back to her blog. And let the stories continue…


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