La playa 

I’m heading out to Tybee, during the off-season.

For those of my readers who do not live near a beach the off-season is when only locals inhabit the beach area. Its quiet, the weather is brisk, and there aren’t children splashing in the waves. It’s incredibly serene.

I’m on my way to meet, yes that’s right you guessed it… a gentleman. With whom I have an on again off again thing with. It’s the 21st century, you can call a friend for sex. He’s house sitting for a client. I think to myself, damn no broken beds tonight. I don’t know if the homeowners insurance will cover sexual encounters that cause property damage.

But anyway, its him and the boys on the beach.

Here’s a brief description: 6’3, slim build, short dark hair, dark complexion, comedic, sociable, and he’s got the goods to match (a great kisser and a set of jewels worthy of a crown).

He gives me a house tour. I make conversation with his friends and business partners. He says he wants to show me the best view. We head out to the beach.

You know the cliché: warm water, moonlight, sand between your toes, etc.

I sit down on the wet sand to watch the stars. He follows me down. We start making out, his hands are like the motion of the ocean. But wet sand is not conducive to certain situations…

He’s pushed my skirt up at this point. My bare ass is now on the sand. It feels like fucking sandpaper on my ASS and YES, it’s as uncomfortable as you can imagine sandpaper on your skin being!

This is NOT working for me. 

My clothing is still on, people are walking by. They’re saying hi, they have no idea what’s really going on! So, I flip over and I sit on him. I think it’ll look less obvious that way and that way he can enjoy the sandpaper on his ass treatment.

Fair is fair, men and women are equal these days supposedly.

We “enjoy the stars” for twenty minutes. Let’s just say sand between my toes has never been quite the same for me since.

Tip: Who needs to pay for an expensive sugar scrub treatment at the spa? You can get your own sandpaper ass treatment at the beach for free!

© southerngabunny

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