Adventures of Bunny

Let’s Get Salty!

Happy beach day! The mayor has opened ours beaches back up to the public. At least I can social distance and be tan. Because tanning matters. And no mask required at the beach. MAJOR plus point. I've had lots of time to figure out exactly what would be needed for a great beach day. Of… Continue reading Let’s Get Salty!


Olympus has risen 

Yiasou y'all! Yiasou is Greek for hi, the y'all all of you are aware of. A Greek greeting is appropriate for this post.  I was in Greece when this escapade took place. So, there's a new greeting for all of y'all to use! Just like how I want to bring back the word "bang." I… Continue reading Olympus has risen 


La playa 

I'm heading out to Tybee, during the off-season. For those of my readers who do not live near a beach the off-season is when only locals inhabit the beach area. Its quiet, the weather is brisk, and there aren't children splashing in the waves. It's incredibly serene. I'm on my way to meet, yes that's right you guessed it... a gentleman.… Continue reading La playa