Adventures of Bunny

Tie & Tease


You’ve all been waiting for it… something juicy. My beloved readers, I’m here to bring back the fun. Let’s hop to it shall we.

It’s wino happy hour with the girls. We are at our favorite wine spot, it’s hump day. We need the vino to help get us through the rest of the week. Our favorite wine owner is behind the bar this evening. As they say in the south, bless his heart. Or actually his crystal blue eyes, well toned physique, great wardrobe, and smooth southern charm voice.

Our fave owner is chatting with someone new behind the bar. And I must say it’s not the wine talking. At least not yet. But newbie is gorgeous. Here’s to hoping he’s going to stay forever!

Newbie description: 5’11, tan, muscular chest, shoulders and arms, brown eyes, khakis, mint green button with rolled up sleeves and a tie, & there’s a hint of ink under there. I wonder how far that ink goes…

Our fave owner comes over with a bottle of wine with newbie in tow. He introduces us to a new label they’re trying and newbie is the head winemaker. So he’s eager to tell us about his wine.

Inner Monologue Moment: I’m eager too. Eager to to make newbie feel welcome.

Newbie describes his wines. It might just be me or the wine. But everything he describes sounds like foreplay. Cue drooling. When he says this rose is crisp with floral notes. But it lingers on the palate…

Inner Monologue Moment: Take me right here on this bar please.

The girls love the wine and him. Wine plus my girls equals happy flirty times. We invite winemaker to sit with us. We’ll take good care of him. Ask him questions, find out all about him.

The winemaker and I hit it off, sparks fly. We all know what happens after that…

We’re in his hotel room. There’s a trail of clothing from the door to the bed. And to answer my own question, yes the tattoos kept going.

Happy times are happening in the bedroom….

He pushes me onto the bed and drags me to the end. We are kissing heavily. The kitten is purring, she’s ready to go. His hands are caressing my shoulder. I feel them slowly going up my body. He’s reached my neck, and gives a little squeeze. Then his hands grab handful of my hair.

Inner Monologue Moment: Oh shit. Mini Bunny freak out moment. Instantly sober now.

I freeze, deer in headlights look. He automatically stops. And looks at me to see what’s wrong.

So, how do I explain this situation…

Winemaker there a slight problem. Winemaker I need you to be gentle. Winemaker it’s a maze in there…

I just have to come out and say it. So, I take a deep breath and do it.

I need you NOT to pull my hair, like EVER. Because it’s a mini construction site up in there. Tapes are in there and little nodules. It’ll be a bitch to get your hands out of it. In conclusion don’t fuck up my extensions.

He laughs and says okay no problem. But his hands are still creeping up towards my hair. So all I’m thinking is the mess I’m going to have to fix. The kitten isn’t purring anymore. She’s on edge. Because I’m trying to gage his next move. That way I can move my hair out of the way.

Eventually we get down to business. Winemaker leans over the bed, grabs my hands, puts them over my head, and secures them with his plaid tie. Well damn, there goes my hair.

I’ve decided to let go, fuck my hair. I’m embracing the knee shaking orgasms the winemaker is making happen. I need to visit wine country. If this is what’s happening at night there. Napa Valley here I come!

Bunny Thoughts: Wine, it’s not a beverage… it’s a lifestyle.


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