Adventures of Bunny

Shhh…. planning a murder

My beloved readers, hello to you all. I know it's been a while. Please forgive me for neglecting the blog the last few weeks! Work was crazy. Then the world changed and we are in the midst of a pandemic. Let me say that my heart goes out to all those who have been affected… Continue reading Shhh…. planning a murder

Adventures of Bunny

Tie & Tease

  You've all been waiting for it... something juicy. My beloved readers, I'm here to bring back the fun. Let's hop to it shall we. It's wino happy hour with the girls. We are at our favorite wine spot, it's hump day. We need the vino to help get us through the rest of the… Continue reading Tie & Tease

Adventures of Bunny

Jack if I know

I'm going to change things up a bit my beloved readers. Today I'm posting about a phone call. Yes, that's correct a phone call. Don't start to yawn! I promise as always it will be entertaining. Actually educational too for my male readers. Here's a little background for all of you. I've been chatting with… Continue reading Jack if I know

Adventures of Bunny

Feel the Magic

If you've been following my Instagram then you know I've been on vacay in Florida. Galavanting from beach to beach, to the Keys and back etc. Y'all get the point. I'm living life with a fruity drink in my hand. Oh yes, I don't like to be a braggart but... Life is fucking good. It's… Continue reading Feel the Magic

Adventures of Bunny

Dear Mr. Postman

In honor of our soon to be girls game night, I'm going to share a GG night with all of you my beloved readers. As you know my girls and I are never boring. This game night is taking place at my girlfriends house who I've known since my beginning. She's been with me thru… Continue reading Dear Mr. Postman

Adventures of Bunny

Share the LOVE

It's been almost three years since I started this blog. I'm one hundred and five posts in. Wow! I honestly didn't know it was that many until I went back and checked. Many highs and lows. A lot of funny, complicated, strange, scary, happy, and frustrating moments. Life is full of all of these moments… Continue reading Share the LOVE

Adventures of Bunny

call me Old Fashion

This escapade doesn't begin in one of my usual haunts. It's more of a unplanned wow that really happened evening. I'm at a non profit event benefiting Safe Shelter. The environment is typical old Southern money. I'm mingling with a few members. The women who I'm speaking to are suddenly distracted with something behind me.… Continue reading call me Old Fashion

Adventures of Bunny


The leaves are falling, brisk cool air, roaring fires, cups of marshmallow-y cocoa (with coconut milk of course), possibly a shot of rum added to it, sweaters, scarves, and boots... Yes, my beloved readers it's finally fall!!! Or autumn if you prefer. The time of year that puts us all in the holiday mood. Between… Continue reading Unwrapped

*Shake* your head moments

Handle with Care

The joy of moving... I know that there's no joy in moving. It's a bitch.  The organizing, labeling, wrapping, boxing, etc. Moving is one of those life experiences that we all wish we didn't have to experience. I don't know if I've spoken to anyone who has said the following, "I love moving! It's a… Continue reading Handle with Care

Adventures of Bunny

Sharing is caring

As children we are taught to be giving to and with others. This trait continues thru adolescence and adulthood. We are suppose to be gracious and share with others. It's just plain ole good manners. But as always there are exceptions to every rule.  My bestie was coming to town to visit. I've known her… Continue reading Sharing is caring