Adventures of Bunny

Brownie Points

My beloved readers as you all know my father and I have a I love you but you seriously annoy me sometimes relationship. And that he comes to visit me occasionally. The New Year has come and gone. But he is still stateside for some unforeseen reason. I had a small super bowl party with… Continue reading Brownie Points

Adventures of Bunny

W.T.F: Wine, Turkey & Family

Season greetings from Bunny! It's everyone's favorite time of the year. When there's time to enjoy it of course. I've been working like a mad Bunny. And baby sitting my father. He's going to be the death of me. Let's talk about turkey day.... The day is split between two thanksgivings. Brunchgiving is an early… Continue reading W.T.F: Wine, Turkey & Family

Adventures of Bunny

Do It Rat Now

Memorial Day weekend, 3 days of bliss. A mini vacation from the trials and labors of upper management. A much needed break. That's what I was hoping for, and I almost got it. Then I remembered, my Dad is visiting... It's the wee hours on Monday morning. I've just fallen asleep. I had a mini… Continue reading Do It Rat Now

*Shake* your head moments

Handle with Care

The joy of moving... I know that there's no joy in moving. It's a bitch.  The organizing, labeling, wrapping, boxing, etc. Moving is one of those life experiences that we all wish we didn't have to experience. I don't know if I've spoken to anyone who has said the following, "I love moving! It's a… Continue reading Handle with Care


Olympus has risen 

Yiasou y'all! Yiasou is Greek for hi, the y'all all of you are aware of. A Greek greeting is appropriate for this post.  I was in Greece when this escapade took place. So, there's a new greeting for all of y'all to use! Just like how I want to bring back the word "bang." I… Continue reading Olympus has risen