Adventures of Bunny

Valet Me

Please refer to Just Chill for background on the following story. My weekend has ended with the Pretender. But before I head back home, I have a date with Sex on a stick. A date I'm VERY MUCH looking forward too.  I met my family for lunch first. Then went to Sex on a stick's… Continue reading Valet Me

Adventures of Bunny

Just Chill

Ever get tired of being at home? Just feeling a little overwhelmed and need a change of pace. Sometimes the best solution is to leave town for a few days. Experience somewhere else, with new people. It helps to get out every once and a while. My beloved readers this is that story for me.… Continue reading Just Chill

*Shake* your head moments

Open Air

If you ever thought you had a bad night. I'm here to support you and tell you my beloved readers it can be worse! I'm about to tell you how it can get much worse. The evening started out so hopeful, so happy. I found the perfect parking spot downtown. If you live in a city you… Continue reading Open Air

Adventures of Bunny

Weekend forecast, camping with a chance of drinking 

This escapade doesn't begin with a dating website. I know, take a moment NO Match, Tinder, POF, etc. Don't worry I promise it's still a goodie. It involves one of my faves. Men that wear black leather, denim, have a tendency to like large pieces of silver jewelry with skulls, and most importantly tattoos. Yep,… Continue reading Weekend forecast, camping with a chance of drinking