The Doctor is IN

It’s a tale as old as time… The first game children fool around with that involves a bit of touching. We all played it. Doctor.

Yep, Doctor the game, not like the board game Operation where you get zapped if you touch something you’re not supposed to, oops. But when puberty kicks in parents everywhere probably wish that could legally zap their children to prevent them from doing stupid exploratory things.

Stethoscope to check the heart? Done. That rubber hammer thingy to test reflexes? Got it. Rubber gloves that make funny balloons? You bet!

As we get older the uses for these items change or maybe completely different. “Toys” come into play, or perhaps it’s a “hands on only” checkup. Whatever the case, the Doctor game changes in delightful ways as we get older.

My beloved readers y’all know me… I do LOVE my games and accessories.

This story is about one of my first experiences with the Doctor game change. There were a few twists that were unexpected, to say the least.

So, the “Doctor” I was playing with was someone I had been casually dating for a few months. Yes, we had sex. It was more than just good. He was a kinky medical professional who taught me a few new tricks. My body went to new heights with the Doctor. Like Julie Andrews sang in The Sound of Music, “Climb Every Mountain!”

The “Doctor”, by the way is not a medical doctor. But for this post that’s what I’ll be calling him. The checkup began and he made sure I was warm and very comfortable. He gently encourages me to turn over. I acquiesce. He tells me to stay relaxed, take a deep breath, and relax my whole body when he tells me to. OH YES, Doctor. I’m in your very capable hands, I reply.

All of a sudden I hear *snap*!

WHAT THE FUCK? I look over and he has pulled RUBBER GLOVES on!!!

Inner monologue moment: I know we’re playing a game, but that sound was a little too reminiscent of actual doctor visits. And in my previous experiences with the delightful game we are about to engage in, my partner never used GLOVES! But okay, I can understand if not everyone is comfortable using their bare hand. Alright, I’m going to go along with this for now.

Please continue Doctor.

I see he has grabbed some lube. Now we’re talking! This is what I want! I turn my back in the opposite direction and take a deep breath. Anticipation? Damn right.

Hold on a minute… I’m hearing a BUZZ. What the fuck is that noise?

I feel a nudge against my ass, as well as a vibration. OH MY HOPPING BUNNY GOD! Yes, it’s a vibrating plug. Pause for moment of the anticipation of pure ecstasy to come. He inserts it, OH YES. All of a sudden it’s NOT just vibrating… it’s spinning. OH. MY. FUCKING. GOD. This was NOT a toy I was expecting. We all know I have no problem saying what I think to a man, but this has full-on stunned me silent.

But then I starting tingling. Because he clearly knew how to use his instruments. VERRRY WELL. This Doctor has excellent bedside manner.

Oh Doctor, where’s your nurse? I need the next open date in your calendar.


12 thoughts on “The Doctor is IN

  1. Love it! I’d like to hear if you got a lollipop at the end of the appointment. Wait…too far? 🙂

    Sounds like you have some exciting experiences. And I love the inner monologue. You’re a doll of a woman. Fun.

    I’ve never played doctor but when I was little I used to play “rescue the princess” with a friend. We would be knights and somehow I would always get trapped with my princess in a dark cove somewhere. I also liked the song “I think were alone now.” So…yeah…kids games can be fun.

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