The Doctor is IN

It's a tale as old as time... The first game children fool around with that involves a bit of touching. We all played it. Doctor. Yep, Doctor the game, not like the board game Operation where you get zapped if you touch something you're not supposed to, oops. But when puberty kicks in parents everywhere… Continue reading The Doctor is IN


It’s better down where it’s wetter

I met this gentleman at a networking event. He went out of his way to persue me. He even made friends with all of my friends to up his chances. His description: 5'11, slender runner physique, bald, crystal blue eyes, a bit of crinkle on the sides of his eyes when he smiled, good manners,… Continue reading It’s better down where it’s wetter

Adventures of Bunny

Dungeons and Dragons

Here's a little background on the next male disasters. I was at a concert, at a local bar with one of my girlfriends. When the male disaster, to which I'm referring to was spotted. So, we did the typical exchange of flirty come and get it eyes. Of course, the eyes worked (they always do) he confidently walked over to… Continue reading Dungeons and Dragons