Adventures of Bunny

Jack if I know

I'm going to change things up a bit my beloved readers. Today I'm posting about a phone call. Yes, that's correct a phone call. Don't start to yawn! I promise as always it will be entertaining. Actually educational too for my male readers. Here's a little background for all of you. I've been chatting with… Continue reading Jack if I know

Adventures of Bunny

Whatever Happened to Low Key?

Hello my beloved readers! I've missed all of you! Sorry for the delay. Y'all know life is a bitch sometimes and some people just don't understand. Blog time is important time. Due to my long delay, I have new funny and juicy stories for all of you! Never a dull moment. Bunny is back. It's… Continue reading Whatever Happened to Low Key?

Adventures of Bunny

Dear Mr. Postman

In honor of our soon to be girls game night, I'm going to share a GG night with all of you my beloved readers. As you know my girls and I are never boring. This game night is taking place at my girlfriends house who I've known since my beginning. She's been with me thru… Continue reading Dear Mr. Postman

Adventures of Bunny

Share the LOVE

It's been almost three years since I started this blog. I'm one hundred and five posts in. Wow! I honestly didn't know it was that many until I went back and checked. Many highs and lows. A lot of funny, complicated, strange, scary, happy, and frustrating moments. Life is full of all of these moments… Continue reading Share the LOVE

Adventures of Bunny

Suite talk me

Everyone in business knows that networking is an necessity. There's no such thing as getting too much business. Rub elbows, chat with people whoever they may be. Especially because there's generally free booze and little bites to eat at networking events. If you make it around the room enough times, that's almost a mini dinner.… Continue reading Suite talk me

Adventures of Bunny

Swing BIG

It's been a rough week. What are the average ways to relieve stress? Exercise, yoga/meditation, and watch a Disney movie. I mean come on, who doesn't love singing "Hakuna Matata"? If you haven't you are missing some serious happy from your life! But my beloved readers as you all know I certainly don't qualify as… Continue reading Swing BIG

Adventures of Bunny

I liked you better before you spoke. 

I haven't written about this particular website in a while. Because most of the men seem to be in a word problematic... It's like all of the crazy congregates on this website. The site I speak of is the one and only Tinder. Description of current Tinder guy, nickname is Clingy: 6 ft, slender, straggly,… Continue reading I liked you better before you spoke. 

Adventures of Bunny

It Was A Quick Death

I'm having dinner with my girls. I had just gotten back from a much-needed mini vacation. Of course I had gotten each of my them a little gift. Unfortunately I couldn't bring a man home for each of them. But I brought the next best things food, art, and jewelry. We chat about my trip,… Continue reading It Was A Quick Death

*Shake* your head moments

S.N.O.W: Shit No One Wants

Bunny has been hopping! My beloved readers I apologize for the delays in between posts. My new position has been keeping me extremely busy. I'm not used to working crazy hours. But I'm loving my new job! The term executive assistant, is LOADED. I wear so many hats I can't keep track. As all of… Continue reading S.N.O.W: Shit No One Wants


The Doctor is IN

It's a tale as old as time... The first game children fool around with that involves a bit of touching. We all played it. Doctor. Yep, Doctor the game, not like the board game Operation where you get zapped if you touch something you're not supposed to, oops. But when puberty kicks in parents everywhere… Continue reading The Doctor is IN