Adventures of Bunny

Not My Type

Hello my beloved readers, I've missed all of you. Yes, I'm alive and well. It's been a busy three months. As all of you know life is never boring. Between work, my father, and... I've got a secret. I've been a bad Bunny. But let's be honest I think that's how all of you like… Continue reading Not My Type


The Doctor is IN

It's a tale as old as time... The first game children fool around with that involves a bit of touching. We all played it. Doctor. Yep, Doctor the game, not like the board game Operation where you get zapped if you touch something you're not supposed to, oops. But when puberty kicks in parents everywhere… Continue reading The Doctor is IN

*Shake* your head moments

Stupid anyone?

This escapade began with a website I'm familiar with and all of you my beloved readers are too. Can you guess which site? Well, I won't keep you in suspense any longer. The familiar site I speak of is I know, your shocked (lol). This gentleman was of the Yankee persuasion. His physical description… Continue reading Stupid anyone?


Doctor, that leprechauns got handsy with me

 This encounter begins on a sacred holiday here in the "Hostess City". For those of my devoted readers who don't live in my beloved city you might be thinking I mean Christmas, Thanksgiving, maybe even Easter perhaps. But no, no my friends you would be incorrect. We here in the South believe in an Irish… Continue reading Doctor, that leprechauns got handsy with me