Who is Bunny? 

Bunny is a petite feisty greek belle with a love for words that start with the letter F!

 • Friends • Family • Fur Babies • Fucks •

Bunny started blogging five years ago after a failed Tinder date. She had no blogging experience, and also no idea how others would handle her straightforward approach to life. She jumped straight in with a bottle of wine and created Southern Georgia Bunny. 

Now not only has she shared many dating fails with her beloved readers and there have been MANY. There have also been cooking disasters, road trip scares, sex gone wrong, and a lot of “WHAT THE FUCK” moments.

Bunny certainly has a way with words. The way she shares her adventures on her blog is refreshing and amusing. Her direct approach to writing is genuine. Bunny shares her inner thoughts of what real women are thinking. She gives ideas, tips, and advice on what the fuck not to do.

Grab a bottle of wine and join Bunny on her next escapade.

Because folks life is a fucking adventure!

Hopping Reading!

©southerngabunny 2015-2022

86 thoughts on “Who is Bunny? 

  1. I love your blog. Very funny and very relatable. I loved the one SHIT Happens. My friends and I went on a girls trip as well and similar things happened to us.

    If you have time, please check out my blog. I am new to the blogging world and would love insight and any tips you may have.


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  2. Hey there,

    I have meant to say this before, but here I am saying it now – You have a wonderful sense of humor. I am sure people around you are a happy bunch whenever you hang out with them. Waiting to hear more about your humor filled escapades.


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  3. Just found your post. Love the humor. You sound like a blast. My oldest goes to SCAD and my wife lives in Savannah. Yeah….that whole kill each other if we lived together thing. Next time I am there I will walk around calling “here bunny bunny”. Who knows, maybe you will find me? If so drinks are on me, laughs are Dutch.

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    1. I’m so happy to hear that you stumbled across my blog and even more excited to hear that you enjoyed some of my stories.

      SCAD is a amazing college & its wonderful what they have done for our city. Feel free to share some of my stories with your friends/family maybe they can figure out who the Bunny is… lol 💖

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      1. I will be sure to share. Savannah is an amazing place. I have often thought it would a great place to write from. So much beauty, intrigue and mystery. In that spirit it will be fun not knowing who you are. I will enjoying sitting in the parks with my laptop, wondering if that pretty lady with the great smile who just walked by was you.

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