Adventures of Bunny

It’s About to Get REAL! Part 2  

My beloved readers if you have not read my previous post about Greenhorn (refer to Part 1) please do so now. If you don't you'll be missing out on my Bunny shenanigans. I'm in a hotel room which I've PAID for with a broke baby slob and there's NO mini bar... FUCKING HELL! There's NO… Continue reading It’s About to Get REAL! Part 2  

*Shake* your head moments

Handle with Care

The joy of moving... I know that there's no joy in moving. It's a bitch.  The organizing, labeling, wrapping, boxing, etc. Moving is one of those life experiences that we all wish we didn't have to experience. I don't know if I've spoken to anyone who has said the following, "I love moving! It's a… Continue reading Handle with Care