Adventures of Bunny

Suite talk me

Everyone in business knows that networking is an necessity. There's no such thing as getting too much business. Rub elbows, chat with people whoever they may be. Especially because there's generally free booze and little bites to eat at networking events. If you make it around the room enough times, that's almost a mini dinner.… Continue reading Suite talk me

Adventures of Bunny

The British Are Coming..

Bunny is back and hopping! Weddings, jobs, men, etc have settled down a bit. And of course a happy hour two... This escapade took place on a hump-day happy hour. It's the last Wednesday of every month, and its for people in the creative industry (writers, graphic designers, art in any field). If anyone is… Continue reading The British Are Coming..


Third time’s the charm

Okay ladies, how do you get to know a man you are potentially interested in dating? This is a struggle for single women everywhere. Do you play hard to get? Do you just lay your cards on the table? No, no of course not. You do what every sane woman does, you ask a friend... There… Continue reading Third time’s the charm