*Shake* your head moments

Handle with Care

The joy of moving... I know that there's no joy in moving. It's a bitch.  The organizing, labeling, wrapping, boxing, etc. Moving is one of those life experiences that we all wish we didn't have to experience. I don't know if I've spoken to anyone who has said the following, "I love moving! It's a… Continue reading Handle with Care

Adventures of Bunny

Caution: Chew at your own risk 

I had a long day at work. You know how it goes. You walk into your place and then the sudden rush of relief hits you. HOME, YES! The place where you can walk around, in sweats, bra-less (to the men reading this you won't understand the bliss that is being bra-less, but my girls… Continue reading Caution: Chew at your own risk