Adventures of Bunny

It’s About to Get REAL! Part 2  

My beloved readers if you have not read my previous post about Greenhorn (refer to Part 1) please do so now. If you don't you'll be missing out on my Bunny shenanigans. I'm in a hotel room which I've PAID for with a broke baby slob and there's NO mini bar... FUCKING HELL! There's NO… Continue reading It’s About to Get REAL! Part 2  

*Shake* your head moments

S.N.O.W: Shit No One Wants

Bunny has been hopping! My beloved readers I apologize for the delays in between posts. My new position has been keeping me extremely busy. I'm not used to working crazy hours. But I'm loving my new job! The term executive assistant, is LOADED. I wear so many hats I can't keep track. As all of… Continue reading S.N.O.W: Shit No One Wants


Whatever happen to quality dick? Part 2

Please refer to part one for more details on this post. After ordering a round of drinks, I explained to my girlfriend the conundrum that I had just been faced with while holding on to her arm. She then understood. But did say that it would have been easier to say hi, be polite, and… Continue reading Whatever happen to quality dick? Part 2