Adventures of Bunny

Assume the Position 

It's summer! Time for the beach, swimming pools, lakes, or whichever body of water is to your liking. Due to all of the water activities swimwear is a necessity. The guys have it so easy. They just pull on a pair of trunks and go. Ugh! We ladies have many options: one piece, two piece,… Continue reading Assume the Position 

Adventures of Bunny

Wine is WIN, with an E on the end

I met this gentleman on Yes, a free dating website. I appreciate free. I mean come on don't we all? Say yes to free my beloved readers. After you've appreciated free, than upgrade and pay. Research first! Description: 5'10, 30, swimmer build, black hair with buzz cut, green eyes, wearing khakis and a polo.… Continue reading Wine is WIN, with an E on the end


Doctor, that leprechauns got handsy with me

 This encounter begins on a sacred holiday here in the "Hostess City". For those of my devoted readers who don't live in my beloved city you might be thinking I mean Christmas, Thanksgiving, maybe even Easter perhaps. But no, no my friends you would be incorrect. We here in the South believe in an Irish… Continue reading Doctor, that leprechauns got handsy with me