*Shake* your head moments

Open Air

If you ever thought you had a bad night. I'm here to support you and tell you my beloved readers it can be worse! I'm about to tell you how it can get much worse. The evening started out so hopeful, so happy. I found the perfect parking spot downtown. If you live in a city you… Continue reading Open Air


Apply within, seeking foreplay

This story is a two dater. Yes, two dates then done. I'll give a little background information about this gentleman. We met on okcupid.com.  He's 5'10, receding hairline, lumberjack facial hair, athletic body, and pale complexion. His profession, attorney. He's dedicated to his job. Before our first date we messaged back and forth for about… Continue reading Apply within, seeking foreplay

Adventures of Bunny

Just ask, if you wanted me to take my top off.

 This dating encounter began thru okcupid.com. I had been talking to this  particular gentleman on and off for about a year. He recently popped back up and asked me to drinks. I thought why not. We did have to rain check once, but we met the next day. I walk into the bar we've agreed… Continue reading Just ask, if you wanted me to take my top off.