Adventures of Bunny

Sip me baby one more time

My beloved readers, I'm going to start this post off with a description. Because I'm jumping right into this one. The only background that is of any interest to this gentleman is that he asked me out via Facebook and that we went on a first date which was lack luster, but not awful. So… Continue reading Sip me baby one more time

Adventures of Bunny

Share the LOVE

It's been almost three years since I started this blog. I'm one hundred and five posts in. Wow! I honestly didn't know it was that many until I went back and checked. Many highs and lows. A lot of funny, complicated, strange, scary, happy, and frustrating moments. Life is full of all of these moments… Continue reading Share the LOVE

Adventures of Bunny

call me Old Fashion

This escapade doesn't begin in one of my usual haunts. It's more of a unplanned wow that really happened evening. I'm at a non profit event benefiting Safe Shelter. The environment is typical old Southern money. I'm mingling with a few members. The women who I'm speaking to are suddenly distracted with something behind me.… Continue reading call me Old Fashion

Adventures of Bunny

Can I Get A Wet Nose?

Have you ever made friends with a co worker? You make friends in the workplace because it's easier to work together if you're friendly. Sometimes you just hit it off. Then the friend that you made becomes more than a friend. You didn't mean for it to happen! It was nature, those stupid pheromones. Problems… Continue reading Can I Get A Wet Nose?

*Shake* your head moments

Open Air

If you ever thought you had a bad night. I'm here to support you and tell you my beloved readers it can be worse! I'm about to tell you how it can get much worse. The evening started out so hopeful, so happy. I found the perfect parking spot downtown. If you live in a city you… Continue reading Open Air

Adventures of Bunny

Wine is WIN, with an E on the end

I met this gentleman on Yes, a free dating website. I appreciate free. I mean come on don't we all? Say yes to free my beloved readers. After you've appreciated free, than upgrade and pay. Research first! Description: 5'10, 30, swimmer build, black hair with buzz cut, green eyes, wearing khakis and a polo.… Continue reading Wine is WIN, with an E on the end


It’s better down where it’s wetter

I met this gentleman at a networking event. He went out of his way to persue me. He even made friends with all of my friends to up his chances. His description: 5'11, slender runner physique, bald, crystal blue eyes, a bit of crinkle on the sides of his eyes when he smiled, good manners,… Continue reading It’s better down where it’s wetter

Adventures of Bunny

When you know you’re not getting any

This adventure beginning at one of my favorite wine bars. I was just subjected to the date from hell. It's an experience no one should have. I proceeded to order a vodka double because wine can't fix this.  I've also been informed by my bestie that I'll be meeting the guy she's been dating tonight with… Continue reading When you know you’re not getting any