Adventures of Bunny

A Good Ride Fixes Everything

Autumn, what a lovely time of year. Y'all know all the cliches. Let's talk about falling leaves, brisk wind, hot totties, snuggles with a blankie, scarves, boots, etc. Y'all get the point it's a happy time of the year. You can snuggle up next to your loved ones, drink cocoa that's spiked with kahlua and… Continue reading A Good Ride Fixes Everything

*Shake* your head moments

Better when WET

It's the beginning of fall, so there's a slight chill in the air. I was running late for work. The elixir of life eluded me. So, I was already in a BAD mood. I hopped into my car. There was ice on my windshield. I was in a hurry. So, I turned on my windshield… Continue reading Better when WET