Adventures of Bunny

No, that stain won’t come out

This escapade is about a local gentleman. Yep, that's right a local and to boot I met him while I was out and about one night with my girls. But I had also seen him around downtown before. He always had one item with him whenever I saw him. That item is a red solo… Continue reading No, that stain won’t come out

Adventures of Bunny

7 minutes

Little background on this gentleman. I met him at a popular rooftop bar during a networking event.  His description is as follows: 6'2, bald, crystal blue eyes, wearing a suit that was a little too big for him, with a thick Jersey accent. He was new to the area. He owned a bridal and wedding… Continue reading 7 minutes

*Shake* your head moments

Stupid anyone?

This escapade began with a website I'm familiar with and all of you my beloved readers are too. Can you guess which site? Well, I won't keep you in suspense any longer. The familiar site I speak of is I know, your shocked (lol). This gentleman was of the Yankee persuasion. His physical description… Continue reading Stupid anyone?


It was a GUSHER!

So this bunny adventure is about a gentleman I met from He is 5'10, dark hair, olive complexion, average build, melodic accent (South African, yes that smooth like butter, I got a little wet in my girlie parts when he spoke), and masculine hands (let's be real, a handy man matters). We went out… Continue reading It was a GUSHER!