Adventures of Bunny

BUZZ, Buzz, PRATTLE, Prattle 

Weddings are happy occasions. The bliss, love, friendship, and family. There's so much love in the air. Doesn't everyone just love the little flower girl skipping down the aisle with rose petals? Or that cute ring bearer with a pastel pillow? Yes, yes we all love weddings. All that hope is intoxicating. Many a man… Continue reading BUZZ, Buzz, PRATTLE, Prattle 


Weenie Challenge

Have you ever had a friend give you a warning? Example: Don't date him. He's not a good idea. He wouldn't be good for you. Okay, your friends generally look out for your best interest right? So, I want to say that I LOVE my girls. But at certain points in your life, we all… Continue reading Weenie Challenge

Adventures of Bunny

I got 99 problems but a towel set ain’t one

I was out for an evening of frivolity with my girlfriend and FOMG (refer to alcohol) downtown. FOMG and I just left a social popular bar - it was DEAD. FOMG decided that she wanted to leave. She then told me I should choose where we would go to next. I asked her, any place?… Continue reading I got 99 problems but a towel set ain’t one