Adventures of Bunny

Not My Type

Hello my beloved readers, I've missed all of you. Yes, I'm alive and well. It's been a busy three months. As all of you know life is never boring. Between work, my father, and... I've got a secret. I've been a bad Bunny. But let's be honest I think that's how all of you like… Continue reading Not My Type

Adventures of Bunny

Sharing is caring

As children we are taught to be giving to and with others. This trait continues thru adolescence and adulthood. We are suppose to be gracious and share with others. It's just plain ole good manners. But as always there are exceptions to every rule.  My bestie was coming to town to visit. I've known her… Continue reading Sharing is caring


Weenie Challenge

Have you ever had a friend give you a warning? Example: Don't date him. He's not a good idea. He wouldn't be good for you. Okay, your friends generally look out for your best interest right? So, I want to say that I LOVE my girls. But at certain points in your life, we all… Continue reading Weenie Challenge