Adventures of Bunny

When the lights go out..

 It's the end of the night. My girlfriend and I have been out drinking, we've just gotten back to my carriage house. We're replaying the evening when the lights go out...  Its pitch BLACK. So, we open the doors and windows, light a few candles and a good male friend (please refer to cowgirl up) stops by to check… Continue reading When the lights go out..


Slip n slide

It's the middle of the work week. I'm at home after work, in my pjs. I'm relaxing, drinking a glass of wine and reading a book. Just chilling with Teddy. It's a good evening, a lazy evening. We are all entitled to a little laziness. I look at my phone one of my guy friends… Continue reading Slip n slide

*Shake* your head moments

The Hook Up 

I decided to do a little shopping after work. Knowing I had to haul ass to meet my girls for dinner downtown. I thought a new outfit would brighten my day. I mean after all ladies, when doesn't a new ensemble make the world a better place? So, I've made my purchase and like all women… Continue reading The Hook Up