Adventures of Bunny

SHIT Happens

 City girls in the country... Yep this girls trip, was a trip!  What happens when girls in heels spend quality time in nature? A LOT of wine, MULTIPLE bottles of wine. I have the pictures to prove it! Now that you've imagined girls in the country with wine. Take a moment to imagine this...… Continue reading SHIT Happens

*Shake* your head moments

What a Crock!

Pinterest. Oh, Pinterest. How I love my Pinterest. Now I'm going to assume that my girls reading this are aware of the fantastical wonder that is Pinterest. But some of my male readers might be unaware of this phenomena. Okay, so if you're sitting on the sofa or in bed and your significant other hasn't… Continue reading What a Crock!

Adventures of Bunny

Mother knows best

This is a mom and me adventure.  Mom had been following a certain gentleman's blog. They had been chatting back and forth. She told me that we were meeting this gentleman at Starbucks. Mom told me his stories were entertaining. So that I would tag along. We walked in and the blogger automatically looked at… Continue reading Mother knows best