Rack’Em Up

I originally met this gentleman from We had been out on a few dates, just two or three. We had a lot in common.  He's 6'2, slender build, high forehead, short hair, and handsome. The "spark" wasn't quite there though. I was at a local jazz bar with friends. He met my friends and… Continue reading Rack’Em Up

Adventures of Bunny

Midsummer Nights Tail

Another adventure, down the bunny hole we go my beloved readers... I met this gentleman in Savannah's sister city, Charleston. I decided to drive up and spend the weekend with him. My arrival was late in the evening. He had just had back surgery. So, we actually just slept that night. Yes, we really… Continue reading Midsummer Nights Tail

Adventures of Bunny

Panty Dropper 

Here's a little background about the man in this story. So, that it'll make a little more sense to my devoted readers. I met him on He was advanced in his years. This local individual owned a successful business. He's slim, grey-ish blonde hair, blue eyes, and tall. We were at a popular downtown Italian restaurant celebrating his birthday with… Continue reading Panty Dropper 

*Shake* your head moments

Stupid anyone?

This escapade began with a website I'm familiar with and all of you my beloved readers are too. Can you guess which site? Well, I won't keep you in suspense any longer. The familiar site I speak of is I know, your shocked (lol). This gentleman was of the Yankee persuasion. His physical description… Continue reading Stupid anyone?


It was a GUSHER!

So this bunny adventure is about a gentleman I met from He is 5'10, dark hair, olive complexion, average build, melodic accent (South African, yes that smooth like butter, I got a little wet in my girlie parts when he spoke), and masculine hands (let's be real, a handy man matters). We went out… Continue reading It was a GUSHER!


Cowgirl up

 This is another adventure. My date was a gentleman. He came and picked me up at my home. Score! We're starting off the evening well. He met my roomie. He passed that test. This guy actually looked likes his pictures from his profile. Hooray! Finally someone who hasn't posted pictures that were three years old.… Continue reading Cowgirl up


Size DOES matter

This story begins with another website: He wasn't my type exactly. But I decided to try something new. After all, you never know what you like until you try everything. He was fluffy, typical southern gentleman, good manners, etc. This story is taking place during our sixth date. So, he's really a gentleman! Because… Continue reading Size DOES matter