*Shake* your head moments

Stay the Fuck Out of My Bubble

I recently planned a holiday party. When I think holiday party I think, small house gathering or work event. But of course, that's NOT what this party ended up being.  It went from twenty people to one hundred and fifty. From pot luck, to full on catering, bartender, DJ and goodie bags for the party… Continue reading Stay the Fuck Out of My Bubble


Whatever happen to quality dick? Part 2

Please refer to part one for more details on this post. After ordering a round of drinks, I explained to my girlfriend the conundrum that I had just been faced with while holding on to her arm. She then understood. But did say that it would have been easier to say hi, be polite, and… Continue reading Whatever happen to quality dick? Part 2


Scratch the itch

I met this particular gentlemen thru a political group networking function. I was there for networking and happy hour. I was busy trying to recruit new members. It was a good night, two new people, two checks. Score! The gentleman this post is about walked up to me and he then offered to buy me… Continue reading Scratch the itch