Who is Bunny? 

Greek southern belle, living in beautiful historical Savannah, Georgia. But I’m a Carolina lady at heart.
I love tanning, being on or near the water, hiking, cooking gluten free, drinking red wine, reading with my puppy, spending time with my friends, and game nights.
My puppy is a rescue Bichon named Teddy. He’s the cutest little white fur-ball, who means the world to me. Even when he eats the buttons off my clothes.
Join me as I share some of my past and present adventures.
Everything from dates from hell, to outfit issues and OMG what was I thinking.
©southerngabunny 2016-2017

79 thoughts on “Who is Bunny? 

  1. I love your blog. Very funny and very relatable. I loved the one SHIT Happens. My friends and I went on a girls trip as well and similar things happened to us.

    If you have time, please check out my blog. I am new to the blogging world and would love insight and any tips you may have.


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  2. Hey there,

    I have meant to say this before, but here I am saying it now – You have a wonderful sense of humor. I am sure people around you are a happy bunch whenever you hang out with them. Waiting to hear more about your humor filled escapades.


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  3. Just found your post. Love the humor. You sound like a blast. My oldest goes to SCAD and my wife lives in Savannah. Yeah….that whole kill each other if we lived together thing. Next time I am there I will walk around calling “here bunny bunny”. Who knows, maybe you will find me? If so drinks are on me, laughs are Dutch.

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    1. I’m so happy to hear that you stumbled across my blog and even more excited to hear that you enjoyed some of my stories.

      SCAD is a amazing college & its wonderful what they have done for our city. Feel free to share some of my stories with your friends/family maybe they can figure out who the Bunny is… lol 💖

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      1. I will be sure to share. Savannah is an amazing place. I have often thought it would a great place to write from. So much beauty, intrigue and mystery. In that spirit it will be fun not knowing who you are. I will enjoying sitting in the parks with my laptop, wondering if that pretty lady with the great smile who just walked by was you.

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