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My beloved readers, I’ve decided to continue a story from a little while back. I only gave y’all half of the story. I know, I know the shame I feel for depriving all of you. I’m correcting that mistake right NOW! Let’s get down to the nitty gritty, or as you will read in this post lets just get down to absolutely nothing. Gotta love a birthday suit! 

Please refer to (panty dropper) for the beginning of this story and background info on this gentleman. 

This was my first instance in an all nude establishment. At the time when I was there drinks were flowing at the bar. But due to fights and other problems which alcohol helps to exacerbate it is now BYOB. For those of you my beloved readers who don’t know what that acronym BYOB means let me enlighten you. BYOB means bring your own booze. Yep, so the next party you go to and you see that acronym you won’t have to ask Siri. She deserves a little break every once and a while. Gotta help my girl out, lol. 

Okay, anyway back to the all nude establishment. It’s a small, dark, crowded hole in the wall with a teeny stage with a shiny pole. There were a few small private areas as well. But that was the smallest stage I had EVER seen. The ladies made that teeny stage work. 

As Rihanna says in her song: work, work, work, work, work, work.

I am seated towards the front, right next to the stage. He is standing behind me, arms draped around my chair. The dancer in front of us is making love to the pole. It was like we weren’t even there. She was in the zone. She was working that pole. Half way thru the performance, she has talked me onto the stage. I’m a little nervous. But I see how much he is enjoying it, so decide what the hell and go with it.

Suddenly two other woman have joined us. All of the “no touching” rules have gone right out the window. It’s lil ole me, and THREE nude dancers on the teeny stage. This certainly counts as a new experience. Basically, I’m having my first threesome up on stage with male onlookers. It’s like LIVE porn. But I’m still fully clothed. 

As I look back on it, if anyone had pulled out a phone and taken video that could have made a shit load of money. While simultaneously contributing to me losing my job. Thank goodness NO video happened.

I look over at my date. He has his eyes locked on me and is fingering the panties in his pocket that he has from dinner. Luckily I can’t see what all of the other men in the room are doing. Or else I might not have been so cozy up on stage with my three new friends. 

One of the ladies leads me off the stage to a side room, which is the room used for private dances. Another one of my new lady friends has grabbed my date and brought him into the private room with us. The third friend that I made out with up on stage proceeds to rid me of my clothing. My date now has that look in his eyes. Y’all know what I mean. That I’m ready to POUNCE on you RIGHT HERE and NOW. But he held himself back, curiousity. He wanted to see what the ladies had planned for me next.

I turned to look at him, just to make sure he’s still good. This is when I notice that we’ve got another guest in the room. His business partner has joined us. OH FUCK! I’m completely naked! FUCK, FUCK, FUCK! His business partner is happily married, with children. I did not expect this.

My date has now started to give little orders to me and the ladies. His business partner is in the background receiving a lap dance. He’s pretty much focused on the lady on top of him at the moment. But every once and a while his focus shifts back to me.

It’s towards the end of the evening. We are wrapping things up. I overhear my date invite his partner back to his place with us. I’m not quite sure how I feel about that. I’ll deal with that momentarily. 

Right now I have a more URGENT problem. I CAN’T find my clothes anywhere. FUCK! This is like a moment from a movie where someone is playing a really bad joke. I realize my clothes are just lost. 

It’s time for a PLAN B.

I ended up leaving the club in a strippers clothes. They still had the tags on them. Apparently they keep extra clothes in the back. Just in case….

Quote: I love your outfit… Did it come with a pole? 


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