What are you in the mood for?

what are you in the mood for.png

Come to the Fountain

Sharing is Caring

Stay the Fuck Out of the Bubble


Let’s Get Blitzen

Its About to Get Real! Part 1

Its About to Get Real! Part 2

Not all Prunes are Good for your Health

No, that stain won’t come out

Rack’Em Up

Turn Down Service, Please

Head over beans (read Wine is WIN with an E first)

Wine is WIN with an E on the end

Midsummer Night Tail

Caution: Swipe at your Own Risk

Stupid Anyone?

Apply within, seeking foreplay

No Socks

Just ask, if you wanted me to take my top off.

Where’s a Referee when a Girl Needs one?



Strip & Moisture

There is a Monster in My Bed

Valet Me

The Doctor is IN

Can You Feel the Love Tonight?

Olympus has Risen

La Playa

It’s better down where its wetter

It was a GUSHER!

All He Needed was a Strong Hand

My Encounter with Royalty

When the lights go out…

Third time’s the charm

A Whole New World

Slip N Slide

You Need a Ticket to Ride

Hide a Hump

Doctor, that leprechaun got handsy with me

Talk Irish to Me

Scratch the Itch

Cowgirl Up

Skip Lunch & Straight to Dessert

Size DOES Matter




Emoji Problems

Assume the position 

Buzz, Buzz, Prattle, Prattle

Handle with Care

Bunny’s Christmas Wish

S.N.O.W: Shit No One Wants

Roommate for Sale

What a Crock!

Saved by the Bush

How to Parallel Park, Park Somewhere Else

Hide your Dead Body Here


Swinging with Mom

The Hook Up

Yes, I’m Pregnant Officer

Get your Streak On

Bambi Got Run Over by an Art Student